🚀 Top 5 Biohacks for Athletes


Top 11 Hydration Drinks for Endurance Athletes

The first thing we discuss with every athlete is what their hydration strategy is. The reason is that nothing else matters if you become dehydrated. A smart hydration strategy is about matching your h

Matt Johnson
Apr 29, 2019

💊 Anti-Aging Supplement of 2019?

For the past year, we have been researching the intersection of anti-aging supplements and athletic performance. We asked ourselves: Could the same supplements that have become wildly popular in the a

Matt Johnson
Apr 22, 2019

🥇🥈🥉three most important things every athlete should be doing

Having worked with over 100K Feed Athletes, these are the three fueling changes that I use in my daily routine, and I have shared most often with our athletes with great success. 1) 💦 Match your Hydra

Matt Johnson
Apr 18, 2019

💧10 Hacks to Avoid Dehydration Every Day

I'm often asked advice by friends "what is the one nutritional tip I have for them". My go-to answer is to hydrate better. Since 75% of us are chronically dehydrated, this is the easiest thing you can

Matthew Johnson
Apr 16, 2019

🔥Win 1 of 25 Maurten Superpacks

BEFORE WE PICK OUR 50 WINNERS. 👇 ENTER RIGHT NOW 👇 [gleam href="https://gleam.io/uvm2L/the-feed-june-maurten-giveaway"] 🤫 Secret: Make sure you get 4 extra chances to win for each friend and training

Matt Johnson
Apr 01, 2019

Maurten and World Tour Team will reinvent cycling hydration

EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale announced today that Maurten is the team’s official hydration sponsor for the 2018 season. The partnership with the #ArgyleArmada marks the the company’s entry

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Mar 22, 2019

Meet Riley Masters Professional Runner & Director of Development at The Feed

How did you get into running? I started running competitively when I was a freshman in high school. I played youth sports growing up (soccer, basketball, baseball) and I was sure I was destined for t

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Mar 17, 2019

Increase Growth hormone, Testosterone, and IGF-1

I've been involved in elite-level athletics for the past two decades and have seen many "cure everything" tools come and go. Having suffered through 12 (and counting) major surgeries I know the value

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Feb 13, 2019

Keeping it real with Toms in the off-season

I can't believe I'm already racing at the end of the month. It seems like the downtime has flown by. Holidays, rest, family time and of course indulgences. However, what exactly goes into my offseason

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Jan 14, 2019

A protein how-to-guide for endurance athletes

  Our customers often ask: What is the lowest hanging fruit 🍌 in regards to enhancing athletic performance? 🥇It is universally agreed upon that carbohydrates 🍞 are an endurance athlete's best friend.

Matthew Johnson
Sep 18, 2018

How I won the Crusher in the Tushar

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Aug 22, 2018

Crusher Nutrition

Are You up for the Crusher? The Crusher in the Tushar, if you are not familiar, is a 70 mile gravel bike race in the Tushar mountains East of Beaver, Utah. This race covers passes that go over 10,000

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Jul 13, 2018