Are You Race Ready?


Preparing for a 100 mile MTB race

Jun 29, 2018

Inside the Peloton

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Mar 29, 2018

Barbeau Training - Optimizing Human Performance

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Mar 05, 2018

Meet SPRY: Professional MTB Team

We are excited to announce our partnership with a new professional mountain bike team known as Spry – Legacy Properties West SIR. The team will have a cross-country and marathon focus. The team is com

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Mar 02, 2018

Kate's Bedtime Recovery Smoothie

The best part of working at the largest e-commerce sports nutrition site in North America is that we are constantly receiving new products from vendors and putting them through their paces. As you can

Dec 06, 2017

There’s no I in TEAM

By: Blake Theroux (Customer Service/Content Creation/Marketing Team Member)   We’ve all heard the cliche, “There’s no I in TEAM!”, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link!”, “Teamwork makes the dr

Oct 23, 2017

Probiotics & Athletes - Feed Hack acute illness protocol

The Protocols  As with any athletic intervention or training regimen it is helpful to have a protocol by which to help guide its execution. Nutrition and supplementation should fol

Oct 19, 2017

Gear up for the Breck Epic like a PRO!

Gear Grid Explanation – Allen Krughoff’s Breck Epic [partial] bag   What we have here is one of those ever-popular ‘GEAR GRIDS’ that the Insta-crowd loves. Rarely do I organize my things in such tid

Sep 22, 2017

Supplements: What the Pros use and what you should consider

What the Pros use and what you should consider By Nigel Mitchell, Head of Nutrition Cannondale DrapacAs a sports dietitian, I am often asked about potential benefits of taking nutritional supplements.

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Jul 07, 2017

Sleep, Athletic Performance, and Recovery

By Cannondale Drapac Team Doctor, Kevin Sprouse.   This week Only:  Get 10% off our top performing Sleep products NATURAL VITALITY CALM, GOOD DAY CHOCOLATE SLEEP, and our newest product ORGANIC INDIA

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Apr 27, 2017

Antibiotics and Athletes

This article was written by Dr. Kevin Sprouse. Dr. Sprouse is a team physician for the Cannondale Drapac Pro Cycling Team.  He has a degree in exercise science and has board certifications in both Spo

Apr 10, 2017

Top 10 Benefits of Amino Acid Supplements - monthyear

Top 10 Benefits of Amino Acid Supplements How to use Amino Acid Supplements to improve your worko

Matthew Johnson
Apr 09, 2017

Flow State: No turbulence on takeoff.

Matthew Johnson
Apr 01, 2017

Spring Training Guide!

This article was written by Dan Nestor.  When Dan is not working at The Feed he is logging some serious miles as a professional runner training in Boulder.    Happy first day of spring everybody! We m

Mar 20, 2017

How To Train for your First 5k

How to Train For your First 5k. Are you planning on running a 5k in the near future and have absolutely no idea what you’re doing? Well, we’ve been there before, and we are here to help! Follow these

Feb 27, 2017