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What are the best ways to improve performance for cycling, running, triathlon, crossfit, endurance sports with NAD, Sur Alt, Maurten, HVMN.

The Top 5 Biohacks for Athletes

While Biohackers might have many different intentions (living longer, increasing focus, improving health) many of these same “hacks” can also increase your athletic performance.

The challenge with the latest biohacking idea or trend is that maybe 50% of them will help you, but it is next to impossible to figure out which 50%. That is what I want to solve for you.

At The Feed we are discovering the latest ideas, testing them in our training, and seeing which ones we feel had a meaningful impact for us. While that is no guarantee what works for us will work for you, we feel confident we will get you much closer to the 50% of hacks that will work.

Here are our current top 5 biohacks for athletes that you can try right now:

⚡️ More Energy by boosting your NAD+ Levels

Our NAD levels drop 90% from birth to age 90. It’s has a direct correlation to aging — everything our body does to create energy needs NAD. Since I started taking TruNiagen I have found that I sleep better, I don’t get tired at 3 PM, and I can drink the occasional alcoholic drink and not feel a hangover the next day. It is the one supplement that I have taken every day for over a year. I can't say 100% it is the source of all of these benefits, but in my mind, there is a strong correlation.

✌️ Releasing your PSOAS for instant peace

You might be wondering why a stretching/pressure point piece of plastic is a biohack. Well until the PSO-Rite I’ve never been able to get my Psoas to release as a muscle. If you are cycling or running, your Psoas is probably super tight leading to back issues, tight hips, hamstring tightness. 2 minutes a day on the PSO-Rite and you will move better.

🧠 Ability to focus during interval workouts.

This is the quintessential Biohack product — a bunch of herbs and vitamins to provide you better focus. While you can use Qualia to power through your workday, it also can give you an incredible ability to stay focused during interval workouts and long multi-hour endurance workouts. I use the caffeinated option, but there is also a non-caffeinated version.

🔥 Go harder without your legs burning.

If you are an endurance athlete, you need to be taking this. I’ve talked about it a bunch before. It works by helping buffer lactate acid. I was at a real plateau trying to get above 300 watts and sustain that power output while riding. After a week of using Sur Alt-Red, I could power up to 330 watts on the bike and maintain it. My legs still hurt, but they burn like I’m doing 300 watts. If you want to take this hack to the next level, add in AMP-HP Cream pre-workout.

🚀 Supercharge your bodies energy resources using Ketones.

This not an inexpensive option and its taste are a bit rough, but 100% it works. Think of your energy systems as a four-lane highway. Each lane is a different pathway to create energy. The lanes are carbohydrates, fat, alcohol, and ketones.

If you are training/racing more than 90 minutes you want to do everything you can to maximize the energy you can replenish using 3 of the 4 pathways (save the alcohol one for after your workout). First, your “fat” lane is almost always working for you but is the slow lane. Your “carbohydrate” pathways are the fast lane, and you want to focus on maximizing the energy you can get out of this lane with a product like Maurten.

But if you're going to go to the next level, as Team Sky [INEOS] does in the Tour de France, you also want to use your 3rd pathway, the Ketone lane. By taking one bottle of HVMN Ketone IQ every 60 minutes, you can turn on this entirely underused pathway to supercharge your energy generation.

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Wednesday, July 10, 2019