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What we think

One of the most simple, performance-boosting supplements on the market.

As a Feed Favorite, this product is phenomenal at increasing oxygen uptake and buffering lactic acid. What will you feel? During hard efforts your legs will simply hurt less, enabling you to push harder than you normally could in training and racing.

Beets have been known to help boost endurance performance for a while, but Sur AltRed is the first beet supplement on the market that contains only betalains extract, the nutrient that produces the red pigment in beets.

AltRed uses a proprietary extraction method to remove nitrates and sugars, creating a betalains concentrate with increased bioavailability. You cannot get this from whole beets, beet juice, or beet powders.

Why do we love this?

The AltRed Betalains in these tiny capsules improve oxygen delivery to your muscles and allow you to go further, faster, and longer in training and competition. AltRed's clinically proven athletic performance and recovery benefits are backed by science, 8+ years of field testing, and world champion endurance athletes. These studies have shown that Sur AltRed can help athletes:

  • Increase power output
  • Cover more distance for the same effort
  • Increase cycling and running efficiency
  • Reduce markers of muscle damage
  • Recover better

AltRed is also safe for sport. It is tested by both NSF Certified for Sport® and Informed-Choice Trusted by Sport. We've been testing this in-house for some time now and the results are outstanding. This is now a staple in our supplement closet and the results are in. It works...and works well!

Does it work?

Sur has conducted three gold-standard clinical studies that prove positive effects for endurance athletes taking AltRed. Gold standard studies are double-blind, crossover, placebo-controlled, and randomized. Additional studies are in the works and will be added as they are published. 

Highlights from studies:

  • 3.5% more watts
  • 3% faster times  
  • 15% reduction in perceived exertion 
  • 2.5% more distance   
  • 5.4% increased exercise efficiency    
  • 9% reduction in exercise-induced muscle damage    
  • 14% less lactate acid production

Betalain-Rich Concentrate Supplementation Improves Exercise Performance in Competitive Runners

Researchers at the University of California, Davis conducted a study on distance runners and showed that the runners performed an average of 3% faster in a 5K time trial when they used AltRed. The runners also saw an average 14% reduction in lactate acid levels and a 15% reduction in perceived exertion. Read full study 

Betalain-Rich Concentrate Supplementation Improves Exercise Performance and Recovery in Competitive Triathletes

Another study at the University of California, Davis conducted on triathletes showed that they performed an average of 3% faster in a 5K recovery time trial performed 24 hours after completing a 10K time trial when they used AltRed. The triathletes also experienced an average 9% reduction in a key muscle damage indicator known as creatine kinase. Read full study

Effect of 1-Week Betalain-Rich Beetroot Concentrate Supplementation on Cycling Performance and Select Physiological Parameters 

Researchers at Auburn University conducted a study on cyclists that showed they produced an average watt increase of 3.5% during a 30-minute functional threshold power test when they used AltRed. Cyclists also increased cycling efficiency by an average of 5.4%. Read full study

What're the options?

We love their portability, especially for race day. They offer single serving packets, bottles of 30 & 90 capsules.

How to use it:

Take one capsule 1-2 hours before starting your workout or competition. Take another capsule every 2 hours for longer activities.

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