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Can you really get more out of training while experiencing less pain in the process... from a lotion?

The science says yes. 

If you want an easy way to reduce soreness and go faster using sodium bicarbonate (that doesn't require gagging down a gross baking-soda drink), then you'll want to learn more about Amp Human PR Lotion!

In a number of clinical trials with high-level athletes, Amp Human PR Lotion:

    Why Sodium Bicarbonate?  

    When you hold a max effort for too long and have a lack of oxygen to fulfill the work you're doing, acid builds up in your muscles, interfering with your muscles' ability to contract and leading to a decrease in performance. By neutralizing that acid build-up, you can push harder for longer and finally get that PR you've been after.

    Are you looking for something to help you go faster for longer AND not be as sore the next day (which, who isn't)? This innovative sodium bicarbonate lotion was made to do just that. 

    Sodium bicarbonate has been well researched and is proven to help buffer acid and improve performance. However, it's a performance hack that no athlete ever looks forward to... that is before Amp came along!  

    A little back story...

    For years, many Tour riders drank baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) before major time trial stages. This is because there's solid science (and anecdotal experience) showing that baking soda can offset some of the pain that builds up during hard anaerobic efforts, which is commonly referred to as buffering lactate acid. 

    There's just one problem: baking soda is god-awful to drink. 

    Not only does it taste terrible (something a lot of athletes can manage to overlook), BUT it can be hard to stomach, quite literally.

    In fact, drinking baking soda is known to cause all sorts of gastric distress for a lot of athletes – so much so that many athletes don't even try to get it down because it's not worth the diarrhea, gagging, cramping, acid reflux, etc. that it can cause. 

    Essentially, athletes who can stomach it grimace and gulp, while those who can't have to skip out on the benefits altogether. 

    Why do we love it?

    Thanks to AMP Human, every athlete can get the performance benefits of baking soda even if they don't have a stomach of steel. Instead of staring down a cloudy glass of baking soda, hoping and praying it'll go easy on you for once, you can actually rub it straight on your legs with Amp Human PR Lotion.

    Amp has quickly become one of my favorite products and is a must-have of the pros... like Mike Woods from EF Pro Cycling, who told me he uses Amp Lotion before every hard workout, and it makes the suffering easier. 

    How Does Amp Human Lotion Work?

    It helps reduce the pain in your legs during hard efforts, so you can push much harder during intense activities like climbing, sprinting, time trials, or anytime the pace gets into the red zone.  

    This sodium bicarbonate lotion has been shown to reduce muscle soreness following intense exercise, lower heart rate and perceived exertion under the same training loads, and elevate lactate levels to fuel the muscle without the burn.

    Wait, it increases your lactate levels?

    Yes! Opposite of what you might think, more lactate actually helps fuel working muscles. The secret is to keep your pain level down so that you can push harder. This is what Amp Human Lotion allows you to do. 

    One more bonus of Amp Human Lotion is that it helps improve recovery:

    In fact, it can reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) by up to 53%!  

    What causes delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)? 

    DOMS occurs when a high level of acid and free radicals damage muscle tissue for 24-48 hours post-workout. The bicarb helps alkalinize your muscles and reduces free radical release, therefore reducing muscle soreness in the days following a hard effort. 

    How to use it:

    Amp Human is fully absorbed in 30 minutes. As long as you apply it at least 30 minutes prior to any workout or competition, you'll be good to go from the first minute on. Amp lasts about 1 to 2 hours, but that's intensity-dependent. If you smash a 1-hour workout, you'll burn through the extra bicarb PR lotion gives you. But, you'll get more work done in that 1-hour workout. 

    To help offset DOMS, you can apply Amp PR Lotion after your workout or competition. What you want to do is: shower up, reapply PR Lotion to every muscle group that you know was taxed from your effort, wait 30 minutes, and then wash it off after. Your muscles will thank you later. 

    Go Full-Pro Hack

    If you want an even bigger performance boost, combine Amp PR Lotion with Swiss RX Nitric Oxide to go faster. Swiss RX Nitric Oxide boosts oxygen delivery to your working muscles, so you can go even harder before your muscles are starving for oxygen. As soon as they do have a lack of oxygen and acid is building up, the PR Lotion jumps in and helps neutralize the acid and the pain. It's a one, two punch to instantly go faster in your next workout. 

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