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SwissRX Nitric Oxide

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What we think

Boost your endurance and oxygen capacity for a full 5 hours with this unique performance booster.

The science behind Nitric Oxide being a major performance booster is clear. By boosting Nitric Oxide you dilate your arteries and can increase your blood flow to working muscles, resulting in increased endurance and easier recovery.  That's why supplements like Sur Alt Red, BeetElite, and others have become so popular with endurance athletes.

The problem is that most Nitric Oxide supplements use L. Arginine to do this. While this gives you a short spike in Nitric Acid 3 hours after ingestion, the effect fades very quickly.

SwissRX has figured out (through clinical trials) that if you use L. Citrulline, it will signal your body to create L. Arginine (versus supplementing it). This creates the same peak level of Nitric Oxide, but you get to maximum levels after only 2 hours and the level is maintained for a full 5 hours with no decline.

SwissRX has combined L. Citrulline with a patented form of Grape Seed Extract that has been shown to activate your body's production of Nitric Oxide (via eNOS) and help maintain arterial dilation. 

Bottom line: Swiss RX has the most effective Nitric Oxide booster we've found on the market. It will open your blood vessels and increase oxygen flow, allowing you to go faster and harder for longer.

How We Use It

We use 4 capsules 1 to 2 hours before training.

The Swiss RX Story

We set out to find a supplement company we could trust for the world's top endurance athletes. A company that had the same obsession with quality and performance as our athletes do. After all, why spend millions of dollars optimizing the performance of a Tour de France champion only to give him a low-quality supplement with inferior or ineffective ingredients?

Our quest led us to SwissRX. SwissRX takes a "spare-no-expense" approach to procuring the highest quality Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients. Only 3% of supplement companies go through the rigorous testing required for pharmaceutical grade labeling. But Swiss RX takes it even another step further. Whenever possible, they use the exact same ingredients used in medical studies but are often too expensive for supplement companies to use.  What we love about SwissRX is that our athletes can rest assured they are getting the identical ingredients that were proven to be effective in these studies.

Simply stated, SwissRX products work better because they contain better ingredients.

The SwissRX Guarantee

We know SwissRX is expensive, but you get what you pay for- especially when it comes to supplements. Other brands may be cheaper, but so are the quality of their ingredients. If you're anything like me, you'd rather pay a premium and KNOW you're getting the highest quality and most effective product possible 

That said, you can try it RISK-Free.  We are 100% confident SwissRX is the best supplement in the world, which is why guarantee it. If for any reason at all you are not THRILLED with your results after using this product for three weeks, contact us within 60 days of your purchase and a no-hassle MONEY BACK refund in the form of Feed Credit. There also is no need to return the product to us, just send us a picture.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. You should consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement, dietary, or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions. See our FDA Disclaimer.

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Steven P.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Improved Century Endurance

The writeup sold me on nitric oxide but I was a little skeptical. Had been taking for a couple of weeks as directed. Took two tabs night before my century, four in the morning (in addition to a serving of Enduro Beta Red), and two at our only stop (50 mi). Even though we fought a 12knt headwind the first half, I PR'd the century, had consistent energy the entire ride, and PR'd the categorized climb in the last five miles of the course, which the rest were too tired to attack. So thumbs up for SwissRX nitric oxide, a second order has been placed.

United States United States
My favorite supplement to go faster

This is my favorite performance supplement to help me go faster. I can tell that I am able to do much harder efforts, I feel the surge of oxygen throughout my muscles. Even though I'm able to give 130% with it, my recovery is easier and my muscles are not as sore. It is a winner for sure

United States United States
Increase FTP by 20% in 2 weeks

I was definitely skeptical that this NO was gonna be a whole lot different than other NO supplements I've tried. I do feel that NO has a slight effect in my training, especially on hard efforts like hills etc. But you never really know if its placebo effect, mindset, or supplement that's making the difference. With NO because it also helps me with my high blood pressure, I'm okay taking it even if it may or may not help. I actually read through some of the studies on this product and found it to be pretty compelling results, compelling enough to try for myself. But I wanted to really see if it was making a difference, so I started with a 20 min FTP test before taking Swiss NO. Then I took the supplement for two weeks as directed, hopped on Zwift for another FTP and found a 20% increase... I was extremely pleased by this increase in power over such a short period of time. I trained at my usual level during this time so that I could fairly assess the results. Of course, this isn't like hard and fast solid evidence but it's good enough for me to keep taking it!

Nelson L.
I was a little hesitant

I was a little hesitant to try them because I’ve had reactions before with other natural ones. But I’ve had no reaction and I feel good on these. I’ve been taking them for over a month. 

Roderick V.

If you want something legal to take that has an immediate effect on your performance THIS IS IT. I've been trying it and can vouch that IT WORKS. I train for up to five hours at a time and this stuff stays in my system nearly the entire session.

Mckenzie O.

It works like it says. I'm using it in my training and I can feel a slight shift in my energy and stamina and it lasts a long time.

Aaliyah V.

More energy and other issues solved. Increased blood flow is obvious and I am sure it makes a difference

Dario B.

I love these products! Have been taking them for yrs and I never ever get sick.