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Do you know what feels so right?  The PSO-RITE!  The PSO-RITE is once of the most versatile full body self massage tools available for the endurance athletes. This unique design mimics the hand and elbow allowing the same feeling you get at a massage therapist office but you are in control of the pressure. This tool is great at releasing hard to reach muscles like the psoas, shoulders, hamstrings, lower back and neck. 

The psoas muscle (pronounced SO-as) is one of the most important muscles in your body. Without this essential muscle group you might not be able to get out of the bed in the morning!  Yikes!  If you are active (Runner - Cyclist - Triathlete - Anything!) or just hang out on your office chair, your psoas muscles are involved. The psoas muscles are the primary connection elements between your torso and your legs.  They affect so many things and help your posture and assist to stabilize your spine.  Need a helpful hint on how to integrate this tool into your daily or weekly routine?  Take a look at these helpful videos below.

Introducing the PSO-RITE, Psoas Massager and Self Massage Tool

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Stevie V

Just got this 30 mins ago. Used it and feel instant pain relief in my lower back. Highly recommended

Bill F

As an avid yogi and competitive poler, this is one of the best recovery tools I've used to help increase mobility, prevent pain and release chronically tight muscles. I used to depend so much on massage therapists and sports docs just for maintenance. But using the pso-rite on a consistent basis has reduced the dependency on doctors/therapists. It also helps me learn and understand my body mechanics more with all the different ways I can use it other than releasing my psoas. It's become a daily habit of mine when I wake up and before I go to bed because my body just craves the release it provides. My recovery time is faster and my body is less achey which means I can continue to train without fatigue or overcompensating.

Jaden O

Legit! Back pain gone.

Jaden O verified customer review of PSO-RITE
Dawson W

I vacillated on buying this for a long time due to the price. I get bombarded like everyone else with the latest greatest gadget/supplement/fill in the blank that is going to change your life, so I try to stay on alert and very skeptical. The Pso-rite had my alarms ringing. How could this little piece of plastic that from the looks of it seems like it probably has about a 10X mark up on it's cost possibly live up to the hype. BUT, it does. I now use it every day, and the options of use are almost endless. Nearly everyday, I'm experimenting with the pso-rite digging into another muscle group and a different angle. This release tool Works!!

Humberto N

This massage tool does it all! It hits any muscle group that you want to release. It's also travel friendly and can double as a media stand for your tablet or laptop! Couldn't be happier.

Gia L

Works great for hip tightness.

Ryker T

I train pretty hard and am always carrying a few aches and pains. The Pso-Rite had been an amazing tool for eliminating pain, particularly in my lower back. Thanks guys

Dayton J

I spend about half of my workday seated, psoas is always getting short; I also have a hobby CrossFit gym and so my lifting can also contribute to tightness and shorting in the psoas. Though just starting out with this product I can say definitely works really well. Body feels great!