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Getting old?   Don't you worry...we all are!  While there are many things that contribute to us aging, scientists seem to believe the main link is the reduction of a vital cellular resource called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD for short).  Wait...say that again?  Tru Niagen says "The link between NAD levels, health and aging has been well documented. NAD is the critical catalyst that powers metabolism by enabling the mitochondria, the ‘powerhouse’ of the cell, to convert the food we eat into the energy our body needs to sustain its healthy function."

So how does it affect one's ability day to day?  One of the founders of The Feed has been using Tru Niagen for some time now and loves the energy he feels whilst taking it.  Simply put, anti-aging supplements seem to be everywhere these days and their claims (in some cases) seem far fetched.  For us, Tru Niagen delivers an effective formula with tangible results for us "average joes".  

Who should be taking Tru Niagen you ask? Great question - We believe anyone over the age of 30 would be an ideal candidate for this game changing supplement.  There aren't that many supplements that we give this claim to so take that into consideration.

How We Use It

Part of our morning routine (usually around the same time of day) we take (2) of these daily.

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Emmanuel D

I can only say good things about this product, I suffer from fibromyalgia and I had very low energy and I was really unable to exercise , due to the pain and the lack of energy that I experience after I exercised. I have been using TRU Niagen for about 6 weeks and I am currently feeling better than I have in about 7 years I am currently going to the gym 5 times a week doing up to 45 minutes of cardio plus weight lifting and I feel great full of energy and no pain. I will be a loyal client.

Paul H.

Can this make your heart race? Or maybe it was just me with my coffee. I'll try again

Donna C

Love this product, gives me energy throughout the day!

Donna C verified customer review of Tru Niagen - NAD Supplement
Logan L

Extra energy, strength, quicker recovery, better sleep, gray hair coming in darker, which has to do with better liver function. (Better liver function helps break down hydrogen peroxide, which is why our hair goes gray in the first place.)

Irene V

I haven't used this until recently but am finding it beneficial.

Carla S

I've experimented with hundreds of supplements over the years. This is one of a small, handful that produced positive results that I can feel: better, deeper sleep and less daytime drowsiness. I stopped taking it for a while to be sure, and the benefits returned when I resumed. It took about two months for me to feel the effects. If I had to keep just one supplement, this would be the one. I'm not going to experiment with different brands: I know this one works.

Kailyn I

I've been researching ageing for a decade now and read most of the scientific peer reviewed papers on NAD and NR supplementation to increase NAD levels. The evidence is compelling enough that I decided to start taking NR supplements and started researching the producers. Elysium of course comes up as a major marketer of NR, however, on further research I discovered that Chromadex is the supplier of Elysium's NR because Chromadex has exclusive rights to the patent from Cornell University who developed the process to make it. So I decided to use the TruNiagen product. Since taking 800mg/day I notice that my heart rate as recorded by my Garmin watch has declined by 6bpm on average and I feel somehow more calm or better able to concentrate for longer periods. While there is research linking NR supplementation and cardiovascular health, the only cognitive benefits I could see are related to Alzheimer's and Parkinsons. But perhaps there is a just a general benefit for mental health. I will continue taking this product.

Harold L.

I am 71 had cataracks in my eyes went 6 months later for operation with eye doctor and they had reversed no operation needed swear by this product.....