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Running New York City // Marathon

By Adam Galuszka
November 7, 2013

Last weekend Bill Janis, a Feed fed athlete completed the NYC Marathon. He was nice enough to email us his story about his journey, from training to race day. We're super stoked we were able to help Bill make it through the NYC Marathon, and we look forward to being with him through many more runs, hikes, rides and whatever other adventures he gets himself into.   Bill's story is below:  Hi Feed Gang, I just want to start off telling you that you and The Feed played a major role in my running and finishing the NYC Marathon. My 20 week training plan happened to begin when my wife, Debbie, and I were watching the Tour de France. This is where I first became aware of The Feed and the incredible care the cyclists take with respect to their nutritional needs and hydration. Debbie acted as my nutritionist and so we figured, why not adapt The Feed box we received to a runner? As a consequence, I always started a hard training run day with two Rip van Waffles and a Power Bar. My (Garmin Sharp pro cycling) water bottle always had a pack of either Fluid Performance or Skratch mixed in it. Tucked in my running belt, I had an assortment of gels (Honey Stinger, Gu, Justin's Hazelnut Butter and Cliff Shot) along with either Cliff Shot Blocks, Honey Stinger Chews or Power Bar Chews. I practiced eating and drinking the various items on my long runs to figure out what combination worked best. As to the marathon itself. Due to heightened security because of Boston, we had to arrive at the start in Staten Island at 6:00am. It was very cold waiting because of a steady 15 to 20mph wind. When we were called to the line (I was in wave 2), I was more than ready to go. I was armed with the above mentioned gels and chews to take up any energy level declines I might encounter along the way. I didn't carry fluids with me since they had water and Gatorade stations every mile after mile 3. What I would do is, as I got to within a quarter mile of a water station, I would eat a few chews or blocks and by then I would be at the station to consume fluids with them. This worked very well for the entire 26.2.

Although I am a little disappointed in my final time because of calf muscle cramping, (I wanted to break four hours and I was at two hours at the half marathon mark) I am satisfied in finishing my first marathon at age 60 and will look forward to killing that time next year and you and The Feed will be right there with me. -- Your friend Bill