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What we think

Proper hydration is critical for performance and recovery, but when you’re out there training hard for a long time, water alone won’t do the trick. Fluid Performance was formulated to give you the extra nutrients you need during a hard session so keep you going. Their formula contains complex carbohydrates, so it has 70% less sugar than many competing sports drink mixes, which reduces the risk of having stomach issues. The combination of complex carbohydrates and fruit sugar allows the body to use two different energy pathways, which gives you faster absorbing and more efficient energy.

Fluid Performance also includes an electrolyte profile to more closely match what we lose in sweat, instead of just loading up on sodium. In addition to sodium, it contains potassium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium in the same ratio that is found in sweat. This helps to better alleviate cramping, keep you hydrated, and replace what you lose in your workouts and races.

Fluid Performance is made with all natural ingredients and contains no artificial colors, sweeteners, or additives. Their formula is also gluten-free, diary free, and vegan friendly! This low sugar, less concentrated formula provides a light, fresh flavor that isn’t overpowering making it very easy to drink. The mix also dissolves well in water, so it doesn’t leave your water with a grainy texture. They also offer a caffeinated flavor with, Passion Fruit, to give you that extra boost on the days you need to go longer or further.

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How We Use It

Add one scoop to 12-16 oz. of water for 25 grams of carbohydrate, or add two scoops to 24 oz. of water for 50 grams of carbohydrate on the days you need a little more. Drink throughout exercise as tolerated to keep you fueled and hydrated.

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