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Recovering faster as a masters athlete, how to recover better, and get better training over 40 with products like Swiss RX, Quicksilver, Nuun, TdeltaS.
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Training Over 40: Secret to Recovery

  • Over the age of 40, recovery from tough workouts becomes harder and harder
  • You can do something about it using Glutathione and NAC – two underused supplements that are very helpful for athletes over 40 aiming to improve their next day recovery
  • Post-workout a recovery shake is also an ideal recovery tool, if you have the right one. Get my favorite recovery shake recipe.
  • The final piece that most athletes miss is a proper post-workout rehydration strategy with a electrolyte packed hydration mix.

I have been getting a lot of questions from 40+ year-old Feed Athletes and one common theme that I keep hearing is the following: "My performance is still strong, but it is taking me longer and longer to recover after hard workouts".

Today I'm going to share the top tips 40+ athletes (myself included) should consider incorporating to help them recover like they did in their youth.

This is focused on recovery aids that older athletes should strongly consider. This assumes that you are already maintaining the essential nutrients you need with a healthy diet and the added insurance of a good multi-vitamin. Plus, all Recovery products are on sale right now, you get 15% Feed Credit on everything I mention below, plus all Recovery Shakes and CBD.*

1. The Housekeeper for Lactic Acid clean up: Glutathione

Within 10 minutes of doing aerobic activity, the amount of glutathione in your muscle cells (the cells that you’re exercising) goes down by about 40%. This reduction is from Glutathione doing its work to clean up the after-effects of the production of lactic acid.

When you are training and producing lactic acid, the cells that generate the lactic acid become inflamed. Glutathione, the master antioxidant, comes in to help reduce that inflammation. The harder you train and the more lactic acid you produce, the more Glutathione you need to clean up afterward.

Here is the hard part, most glutathione supplements break down in your stomach before they ever can ever boost your glutathione levels. Quicksilver has solved this problem as their formula is Liposomal (you hold it in your mouth for 30 seconds - it is a liquid not a pill), plus their formula contains all of the supporting ingredients for Glutathione production like B12 and Milk Thistle. 👉 Get Quicksilver Glutathione Complex (and get 15% Feed Credit)

2. The golden supplement that top athletes are all using.

NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) is a supplement that will further help replenish your Glutathione levels plus the added benefits of promoting lean muscle mass, improved lung function, and the break down of toxic chemicals in the body. NAC is so effective there is even talk about it being banned as a supplement and being considered a prescription drug. Your best way to get NAC every day is with the Swiss RX Multi-Vitamin (since you are already taking a multi-vitamin daily, right?) which includes a full daily dose of NAC. 👉 Get [NAC with Swiss RX Multi-Vitamin (and get 15% Feed Credit)

3. A tasty shake is all you have to do.

While taking Glutathione and NAC (i.e. Swiss RX Multi-Vitamin) is something I would strongly recommend most older athletes do to recover faster, I realize that they might not be for everyone. If you were to ONLY do one thing, then it would be to have a daily Swiss RX Total Recovery Shake.

When your recovery is slower it is typically the result of increased post-workout inflammation and it is taking your body longer than it used to take to reduce this inflammation. If you have sore muscles, especially sore to the touch, then you definitely have increased inflammation.

While most recovery shakes are about carbs and protein, Swiss RX took a different approach and focused on using natural, organic, plant based ingredients to reduce inflammation directly (with Turmeric and Bee Propolis), in your gut (with Glutamine and Glycine), and by regulating an over reactive immune system (with Vitamin D and Quercetin).

The one upgrade I always utilize is adding a scoop of Swiss RX Collagen to the shake. It is tasteless, helps with soft-tissue repair and is also very effective at helping reduce inflammation.

See ⬇️ below for my two favorite recipes for blending a Total Recovery Shake.

👉 Get Swiss RX Total Recovery Shake (and get 15% Feed Credit)

👉 Get Swiss RX Collagen (and get 15% Feed Credit)

4. Rehydrate, Rehydrate, Rehydrate

This is the simplest and most overlooked part of recovery by most athletes. You want a low calorie hydration and to drink at least 32 oz post workout. I will go between SOSNuun (simple and convenient), and when I'm feeling really dehydrated I go to the higher sodium content of LMNT.

I find the secret to always rehydrating is to pre-mix a 32 oz bottle for post-workout when you mix up your workout bottles. Then have a bottle you carry on you for a few hours post workout to sip on. Personally, I often use the Camelbak Chute bottle, but if you are feeling fancy, there is no better bottle to keep with you than the Founder bottle from Purist Collective.

💧Hydrate with SOSNuun, or LMNT (and get 15% Feed Credit)

👉Get a Camelbak Chute or Purist Founder Bottle (and get 15% Feed Credit)

5. Ketones

This is probably out of the budget for most athletes, but our customer list for Ketones is a who's-who list of World Champions, World Tour Cyclists, Olympic Runners, Formula One Drivers, and the list goes on and on. These elite athletes are spending thousands of dollars per order on Ketones.

One of the main reasons is recovery. A study done a few years ago at the Leuven Institute that ran what I call a mock indoor Tour de France, showed that athletes using Ketones post-workout had a 15% higher rate of recovery than those that didn't.

You aren't going to use Ketones after every workout. But if you are going to do back to back hard days of training or have a big multi-day event, then they are certainly worth considering. The protocol is typically 25g immediately post workout and then 25g again before bed. For us mere mortals on a budget, it is probably ok to just go with 25g post workout.🥇Get TΔS Ketone - Delta G 25g (and get 15% Feed Credit).

⬇️ Bonus: My Swiss RX Total Recovery Recipes:

Strawberry: I'm not usually a strawberry kind of person, but for whatever reason I love the Strawberry flavor (and a number of other athletes have told me the same thing). I mix it like this and blend:

- 10 to 14 oz of Oat Milk, Almond Milk, or Coconut Milk

- 6 oz of Water

- Handful of frozen berries

- 1 Scoop of Swiss RX Collagen

- 2 Scoops of Swiss RX Total Recovery Strawberry

When I'm not feeling like Strawberry, I go with the Vanilla Chai and add in some Almond Butter:

- 10 to 14 oz of Oat Milk, Almond Milk, or Coconut Milk

- 6 oz of Water

- A large tablespoon of Almond Butter (or Peanut Butter)

- Optional: 1/2 of a Banana

- 1 Scoop of Swiss RX Collagen

- 2 Scoops of Swiss RX Total Recovery Strawberry

I always blend the shake for 30 seconds, I much prefer blending over trying to shake it all together.

So here’s to recovering like we did in our 20s, um ok, maybe our 30s!

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Tuesday, January 18, 2022