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What we think

Dr. Blanca Mayo of the Mayo Clinic developed SOS Hydration using the best science in medicine and sports science to help her patients, athletes, and anyone suffering from illness.

SOS is an Oral Rehydration Drink that is packed with electrolytes, only 2g of sugar (the sugar is used to more rapidly rehydrate you). SOS is as effective as a drip IV at combating mild to moderate dehydration.

Whilst SOS is not a cure for viral illness, maintaining proper hydration levels will help speed your recovery. It allows you to stay hydrated so you can combat any infection and have a speedier recovery.

It was engineered by a medical doctor, two elite athletes, and a retired military officer, and uses the best medical science to rehydrate you and optimize performance.

The Benefits of Using SOS:

50% more electrolytes: SOS contains the optimal concentration of multiple electrolytes that closely matches what you lose when you sweat.
Hypotonic: SOS Hydration drink mix has the perfect concentration of sodium and water, allowing you to absorb 3x more water than with water alone.
Rapid rehydration: when you lose 2% of your body weight from dehydration, your performance suffers. This formula helps to increase focus, stamina, and physical performance.

Healthier sports drink:
SOS contains 75% less sugar than other sports drinks on the market. It's made using premium, non-GMO ingredients and contains no fillers, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. It's also Keto Certified by the Paleo Foundation.

Why Is Hydration Important?
When we become dehydrated, there is an increased strain on our cardiovascular system. This results in an increased heart rate, a rise in body temperature, and an increased rate at which muscle glycogen (carbohydrate stores) are being used. Together, this results in a decrease in athletic performance.

What Sets SOS Hydration Apart?
Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) was discovered using a unique transport system in the gut, known as the Sodium-Glucose Co-Transport System. ORT is used to save millions of lives worldwide each year and is endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF. SOS is the first hydration drink to match the global standard set by WHO and is as effective as an IV drip at rehydrating.

According to Dr. Blanca, "one of the main side effects of viral infections is dehydration. The body combats viruses by increasing its temperature (fever); this means that you lose more water through evaporation and breathing. Viruses will also make you feel less hungry and some may even cause diarrhea and vomiting. One of the best natural ways to combat viral illness is through proper hydration. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids."

Research-Based Evidence
In addition to using scientific research to formulate its product, SOS Hydration has tested their product in 3rd party, independent studies. These studies help support their claims about the effectiveness of their drink mix, which is something not many other hydration companies have done.

How to use it:

Mix 1-2 sachets or scoops with 500mL of water and aim for one bottle every 60-90 minutes. This product is not only great for staying hydrated during exercise, but is also great for daily use, travel, and recovering from a long night out. Take your hydration to the next level with SOS Hydration!

For daily rehydration and recovery from an illness, we recommend you drink 2 scoops in a 32 oz bottle. Drink at least 2x 32 oz bottles per day.
*Note - We are unable to guarantee the format (TUB or Bag) that you will receive. Both types are the same quantity or servings however due to supply chain issues - vendor has provided us with what is currently in stock.

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