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Imagine what it would be like to have "rocket fuel" in your back pocket. I'm talking about that boost you need during a long run or that fast group ride being just a sip away.

Well...enter TdeltaS Ketones. TdeltaS Ketones are the world’s first drinkable form of ketone ester – a drink shown (via scientific data) to improve performance and recovery. You are likely asking: what exactly is a ketone drink and why do I want it?

What are Ketones?

Ketones are one of the body's natural energy sources that are produced during the conversion of fat to fuel your body can use. A team at Oxford, in response to a challenge from the US Army, developed drinkable ketones in the form identical to what is produced naturally in the body.

It's a drinkable form of ketones that all the buzz is about.

Who makes Ketones?

The formula comes from Oxford University which holds the patent while Professor Kieran Clarke's company (T Delta S Global) is the only manufacturer of this formula. Furthermore, this formula has actually been used in all the clinical studies. It was originally marketed via HVMN but is now exclusively available via T Delta S (using that same formula).

How are the Pros using Ketones?

The Pros using Ketones are doing so in a variety of different ways as it's an incredibly flexible fuel source. I'll break down each strategy below:

1. Ketones during racing.

Pros are using ketones combined with carbs during long endurance events as an additional fuel source. A study at Oxford showed that elite cyclists rode 400+ meters further in a 30 minute time trial when fueled with ketones. Not only can ketones be converted into energy, but they also help with mental cognition and keeping you sharp during competition.

Team Sky was the first to do this back in the Wiggins years and recent news reports revealed a large part of the British Olympic Team was using Ketones in the London Olympics in 2012. Lotto-Visma (and many other teams are using Ketones during this year's Tour de France)

2. Ketones for Recovery

Last year is when demands for Ketones exploded in the marketplace after Peter Hespel from KU Leuven in the Netherlands published a study where he had 20 cyclists perform a 3-week indoor training program to simulate a professional training camp (or mini Tour de France). Sustainable training load in week 3 as well as power output in the final 30 min of a 2-h standardized endurance session were 15% higher in the group using Ketones.

What this showed us is that you can get an even bigger performance gain from Ketones in relationship to next day recovery if you're doing a heavy training week or multi-day competitions. The protocol was to consume 25g of ketones immediately post-workout and then again 30 minutes before bed.

3. Ketones for fasting/losing weight

A number of pro riders in the early season have been using ketones during fasted workouts to burn fat and lose weight. This recent study shows how just one shot of ketones reduces appetite, I can share that I have first-hand knowledge of the top teams and riders using ketones for weight loss. The actual weight loss probably comes from the calorie deficit incurred, versus the ketones, but the ketones provide the energy (and mental acuity) to enable them to complete long training sessions while fasting. I've also followed a fasted / ketone fueled training protocol myself and lost 10 lbs in 2.5 weeks.

What is the difference between  ΔG and ΔH?

ΔG Ketone Performance is for athletic performance. ΔH Ketone Health is for health benefits from supporting intermittent fasting, a keto diet, healthy sleep, and to support proper immune function. 

How to use ΔG® Ketone Performance:
For best results, drink ΔG® Ketone Performance with carbohydrate-containing food or drink.

  • Endurance: Drink ΔG® Ketone Performance 15 to 30 minutes before exercise along with your usual carbohydrate fuel. Athletes weighing more than 180lb (80kg) may need more than a single serving.
  • Resilience: For extended exercise, try with carbohydrates every 2-3 hours.
  • Recovery: To help your muscles recover and restore lost glycogen, drink immediately after exercise with your post-workout carbohydrate nutrition. To rebuild muscle overnight, drink a serving of ΔG® Ketone Performance before sleep.

How to use ΔH® Ketone Health:

For best results, drink ΔH® Ketone Health daily as a single serving in the morning or several servings throughout the day to maintain intermittent fasting or a keto diet, and to support proper immune function and general well-being. To support healthy sleep, drink ΔH® Ketone Health before bed.

Are Ketones Safe?

The FDA states that Ketones are GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe).  

Are Ketones Legal?

Yes. They are compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency list of banned substances.

What's inside?

You are getting BHB Ketone Ester and some light flavoring. There is no caffeine, sugar, salt, or fat.

What're the options?

These come in a single (25g) bottle, 3 pack, 25 pack, and 50 pack!

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