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What are the best indoor training tips?

Top 5 Indoor Training Hacks

This time of year can move a lot of training time indoors. While you are you getting in some holiday training, I wanted to share some indoor training hacks that I have found to be extremely helpful. Here are my top five:

1. Learn how much you sweat and perfect your hydration.

Using the Nix Hydration sensor, you can see in real-time how much you are sweating and how many electrolytes you're losing per hour. It's a patch and sensor you put on your arm. It will help you choose the correct hydration for your needs and know how much fluid to drink per hour.

2. Try higher sodium hydration for indoor training.

Best if you measure this with the Nix Sensor, but you can also just take the leap to salty hydration and see how you like it. I've been using LMNT for indoor workouts, and I'm hooked. I'll use this exclusively on shorter workouts (under 60 mins), and if I go longer, use one bottle of LMNT and one bottle of Gnarly or Skratch.

P.S. if you love Skratch and want a saltier version, use Skratch Wellness. It is double the sodium as regular Skratch.

3. Go harder to get fitter, faster.

Most indoor training involves interval work; the harder you push during each interval, the faster you will see training adaptation and improvements in fitness. One hack for increasing your performance is to boost your nitric oxide levels before your workout. SwissRX Nitric Oxide capsules can help increase the flow of oxygen-rich red blood to your working muscles.

4. Stay cool between intervals.

Using the CoolMitt is a game-changer for indoor training, as it helps keep your core temperature down and prevents overheating. This can allow you to maintain higher power output without fading. This almost feels like it should be illegal. It's such an effective (albeit expensive) hack. You will be able to finish 20 hard threshold or above intervals, and the last one will feel almost like it was your first. All you do is stick your hand in the mitt for 90 seconds or more between intervals.

5. Increase mobility to increase power.

Stretching your posterior chain (hamstrings, calves, achilles) can help increase mobility and power. Using the Castleflexx can make this process more enjoyable and effective. It's best to do it after your muscles are hot from an indoor workout. Remember that a tight posterior chain can lead to low back problems, so make this a daily non-negotiable.

I hope these tips help boost your indoor training sessions and make your pain cave more enjoyable.

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Thursday, December 29, 2022