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What we think

The Nix Hydration Biosensor is a first-of-its-kind wearable that analyzes your sweat and gives you personalized hydration data. Nix analyzes specific biomarkers in your sweat to measure fluid and electrolyte loss to give you personalized hydration metrics - telling you when, what, and how much to drink.

Android is live for operating systems 12 and higher. Android Garmin compatibility is in development and expected in Spring 2023.

The Experience

Firstly, the packaging is incredible, and the biosensor has a surprisingly great build quality. It’s simple to set up and get activated before a workout. The pod clips onto a single-use, disposable sweat patch – think “patch, attach, and go”.

After testing the device, I found you will need to be pretty sweaty before getting a reading (note it takes 25 minutes to get your first data update). I suggest you use the device during a high-intensity workout or a workout that is at least an hour because the patches are single-use, and your training could become expensive.

Another highlight is you can act quickly based on the real-time data and see how your sweat composition changes based on internal and external factors; this allows you to adjust what you are doing during your workout.

How it Works:

  • Input into the app what type of workout you’re doing and where (indoors or outdoors), along with what you plan on drinking
  • Once you start sweating (for me, it took quite a bit of sweat and 25 minutes), the patch measures and analyzes your fluid and electrolyte losses per hour.
  • Your sweat data is streamed to the Nix app and can be shared across your devices (Android is coming soon)
  • After your workout is complete, a post-workout summary provides intel that is designed to inform your hydration strategy going forward. You can also access a list of hydration products organized by electrolyte composition and identify the option that best matches your needs.

When you purchase a Nix Biosensor, you receive (1) Pod (this is what clicks into the single-use patch to read and transmits data to the Nix App, (4) Sweat Patches (remember these are one-time use) you can always purchase additional patches, (1) charging case (for the Pod) and a USB cable.

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