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Sep 11, 2023

Free Watts, Come and Get 'em


By The Feed.

There's no such thing as a free lunch...and in endurance sports, there's no such thing as free watts. However, these products come pretty close. Check out three of the most potent and simple performance enhancers we have.

As summer begins to wind down, that doesn't mean you are.

We are all seeking to make the most of our workout, training session, race, or even just throw down on friends at our weekly group ride. While there are an overwhelming number of ways we can spend money to try and faster, we've rounded up three of the most effective (and most affordable) performance enhancers out there.

Free Power


If you want to be better, go faster and feel better, creatine is your new best friend.

Okay, before you roll your eyes, the science on creatine has evolved a lot since Arnold flexed his Mr. Universe bod. First, let's talk science: Creatine is fuel for your cells. It boosts energy production and muscle growth, partially by adding water to your cells. Don't worry though, it's not as significant as the gym bros make it out to be if you take the daily recommended dose. That's not all, though, it's also a very effective mood booster, making you feel happier and more ready to. put in the work.

Use 5g of creatine daily and it won't just build and strengthen muscles, it can actually speed up your recovery time and make you happier, especially on days you don't train and might experience those rest day blues.

Free Endurance

Nitric Oxide

When you need to push hard without fatigue, your muscles need oxygen. And lots of it. The only way to get it and stay ahead of the fatigue curve is through Nitric Oxide.

This is not the stuff motorheads inject into their engines when drag racing, that's Nitrous Oxide. Nitric Oxide is essentially the NoS equivalent for your legs. Nitric Oxide relaxes and dilates your blood vessels so that more oxygen-rich blood flows to hard-working muscles more your easily.

Unfortunately, most athletes, especially those over 40, report low levels of Nitric Oxide for a handful of reasons (age, overtraining, using fluoride toothpaste, etc.). Taking Nitric Oxide is the most popular instant performance booster. Simply, you will be able to go harder and hurt less. You won't get as much lactic acid build-up and you'll be able to recover faster after hard intervals or demanding climbs.

Free Umph

Beta Alanine

If you're the kinda athlete that's always pushing your limits and your inner monologue is chanting, "One. More. Rep" but your body is like, "Nope," you probably are flushed with lactic acid. This is when Beta Alanine thrives.

Beta Alanine is an amino acid that helps your body buffer lactic acid so you can keep pushing. It's especially powerful during anaerobic efforts when the body starts churning out lactic acid.

Take Beta Alanine daily for a few weeks (4 weeks recommended for the full benefits) and you won't feel that burning sensation in your muscles as intensely. This lets you hold the pace/power on for longer or get in that one more rep.

NOTE: There's a fun side effect you'll experience on Beta Alanine called "Paresthesia." It's a tingling sensation you might feel in your body (especially face and arms). This just means it's working and you took the right amount.