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Blonyx Beta Alanine




What we think

This supplement is ideal for athletes looking for an increase in muscular endurance during short to mid range, high intensity exercise.

Beta Alanine is an amino acid that is needed to produce carnosine, a compound that acts as a buffer in your muscles. As you begin to work harder and increase lactic acid production, your body requires more beta alanine to continue to produce the buffer needed to get rid of the acid so you can maintain performance. When you run out of beta alanine, your ability to buffer lactic acid decreases, and so does your performance.

Beta alanine is a well researched performance enhancing supplement, and it has been shown to:
  • Enhance sprint performance over short distances
  • Improve 10k running times
  • Extends time to exhaustion when training at high intensity for short periods
  • Can increase the number of reps you can complete during a strength training session
If you're an athlete that regularly tests your limits, such as running up hills, trying to get that extra rep, or sprinting on the bike to the finish line, beta alanine can help you push even harder!

How We Use It:
Take two scoops daily (once in the AM and PM) with food to see maximum benefits.


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