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The Longest Lasting

Performance Booster

Boost your endurance and oxygen capacity for a full 5 hours with this unique performance booster. By using nitric oxide precursors, SwissRX™ Nitric Oxide promotes endogenous nitric oxide production in the body. This maintains peak levels of Nitric Oxide far longer than competing products on the market.

  • Boosts nitric oxide levels for up to 5 hours, powering you through the hardest workouts
  • Increases your ability to maintain hard efforts, especially later in training
  • Effective and natural performance booster leads to increased gains in training

"Wozers, this stuff really does work. I have consistently been at my PR during runs and my best Strava times ever on segments I have done dozens of times before."

Brian in Park City, UtahBrian in Park City, Utah
What is inside?

What's Inside

SwissRX™ Nitric Oxide

The science that supports Nitric Oxide as a major performance booster is clear. By boosting nitric oxide you dilate your arteries and can increase your blood flow to working muscles, resulting in increased endurance and easier recovery. 

Until now, nitric oxide boosters have always suffered from fast peaks, followed by quickly declining benefits. We found that by supplementing key precursors, we could stabilize the effect, leading to a longer lasting nitric oxide booster to power you through your longest workouts.

Supplement Facts

From an athletic perspective, the role of nitric oxide is clear: it relaxes blood vessels, improving blood flow which increases the delivery of oxygen to muscles. This reduces blood pressure, which creates decreased demand on both your heart and skeletal muscles. Further, better blood flow supports your muscles contractibility and even increases your body's ability to transport metabolic by-products like lactic acid. In short, this means that you can go harder while maintaining "freshness" in your legs.

Unfortunately, most athletes have decreased nitric oxide levels. If you're over the age of 40, rarely eat enough green leafy vegetables, train more than 10 hours a week, use fluoride toothpaste, or use antacids, your NO levels are probably low.

That's where SwissRX™ Nitric Oxide comes into play. By boosting your body's own nitric oxide production, SwissRX™ Nitric Oxide helps you:

  • Improve the delivery of oxygen as well as key macro and micronutrients to working muscles allowing you to train harder
  • Feel fresher in training and racing. By boosting the function of mitochondria, nitric oxide supplementation can result in a lower perceived effort during exercise in addition to reduced muscle soreness and faster recovery
  • Fight off illness and reduce the risk of damaging free radicals. Nitric oxide acts as a powerful antioxidant to neutralize free radicals, promote the formation of glutathione stores and support a healthy immune response in times of high stress


How you can enhance anaerobic performance and relieve muscle soreness: This study looks at L-Citrulline (key ingredient in SwissRX Nitric Oxide) and how supplementation can improve high-intensity training. Here is a link to the study

How you can improve oxygen uptake in high-intensity exercise: This study looks at L-Citrulline supplementation in a randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover study and its impact on exercise performance. Here is a link to the study

How you can improve time trialing (cycling) performance: This study reviews how supplementing with L-Citrulline (key ingredient in SwissRX Nitric Oxide) enhances use of BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acids) for energy production. Here is a link to the study

Why SwissRX?

SwissRX set out to build a supplement company that the world's top athletes could trust. A company that would spare no expense in using only the finest ingredients proven by clinical science. Backed by numerous studies, SwissRX products are proven to work better.


Evidence Based

SwissRX always looks to science to source the world's best ingredients at the optimal therapeutic dosage



SwissRX is committed to sourcing the exact same ingredients used in clinical trials so you know that your supplements are working for you

Athlete focused

Athlete Focused

SwissRX products are always formulated to match the exact nutritional demands of high-performing athletes



SwissRX tests all raw ingredients for contaminants and manufactures products in dedicated encapsulation rooms to reduce the risk of cross-contamination