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Top 5 Tips for 2024 – Part 3: A Daily Supplement

Part three of my 2024 improvement series is here! We've discussed daily rehydration and tackling gut issues with SwissRX Gut Defense.

Now, I'm sharing the simple daily supplement routine I committed to in 2024 and designed by Dr. Kevin Sprouse.

I'm not one to advocate for taking loads of supplements, but sticking to a basic routine boosts my energy and training consistency and, most importantly, keeps my motivation high. This is likely due to better energy levels and recovery.

For those training moderately (like 6+ hours a week), it might take a lot of work to get all your micronutrients from food alone. A daily supplement routine is like an insurance policy against nutrient deficiencies that affect energy and recovery.

I used to struggle with keeping up with supplements – too many bottles and pills to manage every morning. The game-changer for me was switching to daily pill pouches. Instead of juggling multiple bottles, I have a single pouch with all my daily supplements. It's as easy as opening the pouch, taking the pills, and that's it.

Great news: we now offer these daily supplement pouches for free.

My routine

Recommended by Dr. Sprouse (EF Pro Cycling Team Doctor), it includes just 4 pills a day:

  1. Multivitamin for essential micronutrients aiding energy production.
  2. Omega 3 for regulating inflammation and aiding recovery.
  3. Vitamin D for inflammation control and immune health.

You can get this exact regimen in daily pill pouches right here. After adding it to your cart, choose between a one-month supply or a subscription (save 33% with a subscription, though it's optional).

Plus, you can personalize your pill pouch by adding any extra supplements you need.

Next, we will go over a drink I discovered this year that has done miracles for helping me sleep.

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Friday, December 29, 2023