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What are the best ways to hydrate and improve my performance in 2024?
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Top 5 Tips for 2024 – Part 1: Rehydration

At The Feed, I've been lucky enough to rub shoulders with an amazing bunch of athletes this year. To ensure we're all smashing our 2024 goals, I'm spilling the beans on five super simple things I'm committing to do better (and will help out every athlete) next year.

Trust me, these are the easy things we often forget about, but have a profound impact on your training and general well-being. I'll unpack each one daily as we countdown to the New Year, so stay tuned!

Here's the Quick Low-down:

Part 1 How I Rehydrate each day

Part 2: How to fix (most) gut issues

Part 3: A simple supplement routine

Part 4: The drink I discovered that helps me sleep

Part 5: The mood-boosting recovery shake I swear by.

First off, let's dive into rehydration – a simple but effective way to enhance your fitness.

Aim for at least 32 oz of electrolytes daily, particularly if your training includes indoor workouts.

Currently, I'm all about SIS Hydrotabs. They offer a richer flavor compared to most low-sugar electrolyte drinks. For those who prefer something subtler, Skratch Clear is a great option. Choose a drink with low sugar content (under 8g). I add two SIS Hydrotabs to my bottle for that extra flavor kick.

Any low-sugar hydration mix works well. Curious about options? Here's a link to explore all our low-sugar hydrations options.

Having a dedicated hydration bottle is a game-changer for maintaining this habit. It serves as a daily reminder to keep hydrated. With my trusted bottle, I usually end up drinking at least two full bottles each day. My current favorite is the Hydrapak Recon Bottle, made from sturdy Tritan plastic (recycled from waste plastic). Tritan plastic is great – it’s easy to clean and doesn’t alter the taste of your drink.

If you want to indulge, consider the Purist Founder – a luxurious 32 oz, all-aluminum bottle that takes bottle design to the next level.

Let's Recap:

  • Down 32oz of electrolytes every day.
  • Grab some SiS Hydrotabs or try Skratch Clear
  • Find a bottle to remind you to drink.
  • Go big and treat yourself to the 32oz Founder Aluminum Bottle.

Next, I'm diving into gut health. If you're itching to get started, throw SwissRX Gut Defense and Gut Health into your shopping cart. I'll be breaking down how they can address most athletes' gut issues in as little as a few weeks.

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Wednesday, December 27, 2023