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Psoas muscle massage, psoas relief for runners, cyclists, endurance athletes with Pso-Rite.
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Pso-Rite: your psoas is probably holding you back.

Cyclists and Runners have notoriously tight PSOAs muscles due to the type of motion of both sports and the massive number of repetitions of that motion during hours of training. Until now, Psoas relief was difficult to achieve without a professional masseuse and even then it can get a little "intimate" given the location of your Psoas.

Now we have the PSO-Rite. Yes, it is a big chunk of plastic and you might think it is a little pricey until you feel the relief that it will bring you. This device is ergonomically designed to put deep pressure on your PSOAs and help it to release all the tension it is holding.

How do I know if my PSOAs is tight?

Well if you are training hard, it is almost certainly tighter than it should be. That said, the issues with a tight PSOAs are often low back pain or back spasms, radiating pain down your leg, and tightness in your hips.

How do I use the Pso-rite?

There are a variety of ways to use the PSO-Rite for pressure point relief of your PSOAs Muscle.

1. Like face down and place the PSO-Rite on the head of your PSOAs on both side. The upright rounded arms will push on the head of your PSOAs Muscle on both your left and right side.

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2. My Favorite: Use the PSO-Rite on just one side at a time. I push the PSO Rite out to the side so only one side is underneath me and I lay face down on it. This helps me get deeper on that side.

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3. Flip around and use it the outside of your low back. This can hurt, so go carefully. While this isn't your PSOAs per se, it will help relax your Low Back muscles that are probably also firing due to having a tight Psoas.

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What does it feel like?

It can really hurt! If it does put less pressure on the arms and you can also cover them in a towel to distribute the pressure (this really helps!).

The feeling is like a professional masseuse using their elbow for deep tissue massage. It hurts, but it is worth it and the relief afterward is priceless.

Why does it cost so much?

Good question. PSO-Rite is a super high-quality product but made in small batches. Think of the price relative to the cost of just one massage? Now it seems cheap and you will use the PSO-Rite every day and can travel with you!

What is the difference between the 2 Versions?

You will notice that there is a MINI and STANDARD version. The mini is really small, it fits in the palm of your hand is NOT for your PSOAs. It is for your neck and small light pain points like your hands, wrist, feet, and Achilles. You most likely want the STANDARD version.

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Sunday, January 31, 2021