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What is the best superfood, breakfast shake for health, improved performance, and better recovery?
How to Fuel

Matt's Secret Breakfast Recipe

You've heard me talk about how Kyoku is my go-to breakfast shake. I love both the taste and how it keeps me full...but not too full or sluggish. 

Today, I'm sharing my favorite recipe for blending up Kyoku, and I would love for you to try it.

  • Pour 1 Kyoku packet into a blender
  • Add 14 oz of non-dairy milk (I use oat milk)
  • Add 4 oz of water
  • Add 1/2 Banana
  • Add a Handful of Ice or Frozen Fruits

The High-Performance Part

This part is optional, but I've been including it in my routine for the last two months and love it.

1) Injury and Inflammation Boost

Add 1 Scoop of SwissRX Collagen. It helps with inflammation and protects soft tissue, especially now that I'm running more and lifting in the gym. Also, it's crucial for ski season. Plus, you won't taste the Collagen in the shake. 

2) My Happy Mood Boost 

Add 1 Scoop of Thorne Creatine. While there are some significant performance benefits, I'm doing it more for mood regulation and booster. I'm much better at dealing with stress, being happy, and laughing more when doing this. You won't taste the Creatine in the shake. 

3) Happy Tummy Boost

Add 1 Scoop of SwissRX Gut Defense. I talked about this past weekend (read all about it here). You will taste the Gut Defense, but that is the best part. It's a really delicious chocolate kick to Kyoku. In my experience, it will do miracles for your stomach and digestion. 

Q: Can I combine all 3 Boosts?

A: YES! That is what I do most days. Sometimes I'll add the Gut Defense every other day. But no problem to combine them all for the ultimate performance breakfast shake.

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Friday, November 18, 2022