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Fastest Known Time on the whole enchilada trail in moab, utah.
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Hannah Otto's FKT on The Whole Enchilada

Hannah's WE FKT Project

I first dreamed up the idea of doing this FKT a couple of years ago. When the idea first came to me, it just felt like the perfect challenge. Over the years as the idea festered and I drew up proposals for the project, talked to film crews, mapped out routes, practiced the trail, and anticipated the day it would all come to fruition, this project turned from simply a challenge to a love story of sorts.

I’ve ridden the Whole Enchilada trail many times. I’ve ridden it on different types of bikes (enduro vs. XC), in different conditions, with different friends, and with different goals. Through all of the different circumstances in which I’ve experienced that trail, one thing has always remained the same; it’s left me with a sense of awe and enthrallment.

The Whole Enchilada trail is my most favorite trail I’ve ever ridden and my favorite thing to do on a bike is to challenge myself. I think that’s part of what attracted me toward this trail to begin with. With so many different types of terrain, there was and still is always something on that trail that keeps me on my toes and every time I finish that trail, I feel like I’m a better and more competent rider for it. Add the climb up to the top of Burro and to me, you’ve got the ultimate mountain bike ride.

For me, this project is a chance to show people some of the reasons I love mountain biking. I can show people some of the amazing places the bike can take you and I can simultaneously show people how much the bike can challenge you and how you can come out the other side with such a beautiful sense of accomplishment and empowerment. My hope is that anyone who watches this film will feel inspired to take on their own challenge. You don’t have to be the fastest in order to be faster than you were yesterday and you certainly don’t have to be the fastest in order to experience the joy and freedom the bike can give.

Check out the project on The Competitive Cyclist YouTube channel!

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  • Distance: 55.27 miles
  • Elevation Gain: 8,011 feet
  • Lowest Elevation: 4,004 feet
  • Highest Elevation: 11,146 feet
  • Finishing Time: 5:50:38
  • Previous Fastest Known Time on this route (Male or Female): 6:47
  • Route and File on Strava

Equipment Used:

  • Bike: Pivot Mach 4SL
  • Wheels: DT Swiss XRC 1200 Carbon Wheels
  • Power Meter: Stages Dual-Sided Power Meter
  • Cycling Computer: Stages M200 Dash Cycling Computer
  • Glasses: Julbo Fury Glasses
  • Grips: ESI Fit CR Grips
  • Fork: Fox Factory 34 120 mm fork
  • Suspension: Fox Factory DPS Rear Shock
  • Dropper: Fox Transfer SL Dropper Post
  • Cockpit: Race Face Next SL Bars and Stem
  • Tires: Kenda 2.4 SCT Booster Tires
  • Kit: Voler Velocity Air Jersey and Pro Bib Shorts (+Carried a Vellum Rain Jacket)
  • Food: Skratch Drink Mix, Gu Gels, Maurten Gels
  • Hydration Pack: USWE Outlander 2
  • Sealant: StansNoTubes Sealant
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All Photo Credit: Re Wikstrom/CompetitiveCyclist

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