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GU Energy Gel Review: Everything You Need to Know BEFORE You Buy!

Introduction to GU Energy Gel

Developed over two decades ago by Dr. Bill Vaughn to enhance his daughter’s performance during ultra-marathons, GU Energy Gel has taken the sporting world by storm. This nutrition energy gel has been used by some of the world’s most elite athletes to help sustain their athletic activity.

If you’re wondering if it can provide the same results for you, then read on to find out everything you need to know about GU Original Sports Nutrition Energy Gel.

In this article, we take a look at what GU Gel is, how it works, and whether or not it’s ideal for you.

So without further ado, let’s get right to it!

How Does GU Energy Gel Work?

GU Gel comes in a highly compact, portable, calorie-dense packet filled with dual-source, lasting energy from carbohydrates (fructose and maltodextrin) that are quickly and easily absorbed using non-competing pathways for maximum carb absorption with minimal stomach distress.

Thanks to branched-chain amino acids (valine, leucine, and isoleucine), this gel keeps muscle fiber damage to a minimum and reduces mental fatigue while increasing the speed of recovery. It also improves cardiac output during prolonged exercise, making GU energy gel undoubtedly one of the best fuel options for endurance athletes all over the world.

The gel contains extra sodium for electrolytes (the main electrolyte lost in sweat), which helps to increase hydration and maintain water balance when taken with plenty of fluids. GU energy gel comes in a wide variety of interesting flavors - some of which contain caffeine to help to increase concentration and ward off fatigue in users.

Although the original formula has been improved upon over the years, it still provides the same great results.

Benefits of Using GU Energy Gel

  • Better Performance - Complex and simple carbs provide fast-absorbing energy to enhance your performance.
  • Increased Enjoyment - You’ll be able to last longer and enjoy the journey more thanks to great-tasting flavors.
  • Faster Recovery - Experience faster recovery with BCAAs for the muscles in your body.

How to Use GU Energy Gel

Created for daily training and demanding competition, this energy gel pack is easy to use. It comes in a single-serve packet and all you have to do is eat one GU energy gel 15-30 minutes before your training or competition, and another every 30-45 minutes for the duration of the activity. It will help sustain your body’s energy demands for the duration of any activity.

Rip open the top of the packet and squeeze all the contents into your mouth. Never save half for later. The energy gel’s carbohydrate and amino acids formula is meant to be taken in one shot so you get the full benefits.

Each packet of GU Energy Gel contains 100 calories, 450mg of amino acids, and about 21g total carbs. There’s a wide range of great-tasting flavors for you to choose from, including Chocolate Outrage, Lemon Sublime, French Toast, Chai Latte, Birthday Cake, and more. The flavor range makes it easy for you to maintain your nutrition plan so you can keep going, without getting tired of the same flavors over and over again.

Important Note: Although GU Gel only freezes if it is well below zero, it does thicken a bit during the cold weather. Keeping it close to your body helps keep it warm and ready for consumption.

Is GU Gel Right For Me?

In order to avoid bonking during exercise, it’s important that you have a portable source of carbohydrates that are easily digestible. This will help fuel the muscles in your body quickly and effectively so you can get on with your activity.

GU Energy Gels are designed to supply energy as well as other key nutrients, such as amino acids and electrolytes so you maintain a strong and energized feeling. Simply put, GU Gel contains a precise formulation of complex carbs mixed with simple carbs to fuel you and keep you feeling good for much longer.

According to a lot of GU Energy Gel reviews, this gel works wonders for people of all athletic levels. If you’re someone who wants to excel in your particular sporting activity, then this is definitely something that you stand to benefit quite a lot from.

GU Gel will help you achieve and maintain peak performance in all your activities. And with over 27 delicious flavors for you to choose from, rest assured you won’t be suffering from flavor fatigue any time soon.

Frequently Asked Questions About GU Energy Gel

Q: How long does the gel take to work?

A: GU Gel contains fructose, which converts very quickly into energy molecules that your muscles can make use of within just minutes. Maltodextrin, which makes up between 70-80% of the carb mix depending on the gel flavor, takes a few minutes longer to be absorbed. Because of this slight delay, your muscles get a steady flow of energy as opposed to one massive sugar rush (which comes with a corresponding crash).

Q: How should I use the gel for recovery?

A: If you’re recovering from hard training or competition, then you should eat one packet of GU Energy Gel soon after you stop exercising (even if it’s less than half an hour since you took the last gel shot). Your body needs those calories now to begin restoring your muscle glycogen, which essentially serves as instant fuel reservoirs.

Q: Can I use GU Energy Gel for yoga?

A: Yes, you can use these nutritional gels for yoga or any strength workout. While it’s designed to enhance the performance of endurance athletes, GU gel can be used whenever you need additional energy to fuel your workout. You can even use it as a 100-calorie pick-me-up any time you find yourself dragging or needing a snack to keep you going till your next meal.

Q: Is GU Energy Gel safe for children?

A: GU Energy Gel is absolutely safe for kids if they play sports or if they are hiking, swimming, or being active in any way. The gel is designed to be just as effective for anyone who uses it, no matter what age they are. However, it's best not to give them caffeinated flavors.

Q: Are GU Energy Gels vegan and/or kosher?

A: The GU Gels are gluten-free, and the products are made using all vegan ingredients. While the Chocolate Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter flavors are not certified, according to the manufacturer, the rest of the flavors are kosher.

Q: Are there any GU Energy Gel side effects?

A: As long as you’ve got no problem digesting or metabolizing sugars, then GU gels are totally safe for you to eat and won’t cause any adverse side effects. However, only take them as recommended and not exceed 4 in an hour, otherwise, you risk experiencing nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and other undesirable symptoms.

The Bottom Line

This dietary supplement is designed to offer you superior energy. If you’re an endurance athlete, then this is a great product for you to try. It’s one of the most advanced nutritional gels you’ll find on the market right now. It’s safe, effective, and affordable. GU Energy Gels are gluten-free, dairy-free, and they provide maximum fuel and recovery for all types of athletes.

In addition to offering a great product, GU Energy also engages in corporate responsibility. The company gives 10% of all sales of their special-edition energy gel, French Toast, to NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) - an organization that helps get more kids riding bikes. French Toast gel doesn’t contain any caffeine, which makes it ideal for evening exercise.

What GU Energy Gel Contains:

Amino acids - Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) help to reduce muscle damage, decrease mental fatigue, and enhance cardiac output while exercising.

GU energy electrolytes - Electrolytes help to main water balance while aiding in optimum hydration for everyday training, competition, and recovery.

GU energy caffeine - Caffeine improves performance by boosting focus and concentration during sustained, high-intensity activities. GU gels contain between 20 and 40mg of caffeine per packet.

GU energy carbohydrates - Carbs deliver energy that is ready to use. This helps you prevent bonking by sparing your body’s glycogen for use as fuel when it’s truly needed.

How the Caffeine in GU Gel Helps You

Consuming caffeine during exercise is a great way to help you improve performance. It does so in several different ways:

1. The caffeine in GU Energy Gels helps to sharpen mental focus.

2. It helps your muscles contract more forcefully and your body produces more power.

3. Caffeine reduces the pain of hard effort during activities (or, at the very least, the perception of it).

4. It may even help your body tap into fat stores for fuel during exercise.

Together, all these benefits work to prolong your ability to perform at high intensity for longer periods of time. The amount of caffeine in each gel allows you to take multiple gels per hour, without exceeding a beneficial amount.

Where to Buy GU Energy Gel

From mild to sweet, GU Energy has gels to suit every taste. You can choose between the caffeinated flavors or the non-caffeinated ones, depending on whether you need an additional boost for your training or not. If you’re not sure which flavor to choose, you can buy a box of mixed gel flavors to test a few of them and find your favorite.

A variety pack includes the following flavors:

  • Lemon Sublime
  • Strawberry-Banana
  • Salted Watermelon
  • Mandarin Orange
  • Jet Blackberry

The caffeine content in the gels varies by flavor. There’s also GU Roctane Energy Gel, which is designed to give you that extra boost any time you need it.

The Final Review on GU Energy Gel

If you’re ready to perform at your best, then grab a GU Energy Gel pack for essential carbs, calories, amino acids, electrolytes, and everything else your body needs - all in one conveniently portable packet.

This tasty energy for athletes will get you where you need to go faster by decreasing muscle damage and reducing mental fatigue. The fast-absorbing energy ensures that you not only perform at your peak at all times but also recover much faster.


Kate Thornton / Sunday, July 14, 2019