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Ben Bardwell
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Ben Bardwell

Ben is one of our Elite High Performance Team Athletes. He's a beast of a sailor and one hell of a nice guy! The Vermont native has made a name for himself as a bowman on the TP52 and Maxi race circuits as well as several stints in the professional match racing world.

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Before Ben embarked on the prestigious RORC Caribbean 600, he sailed into The Feed HQ to build out his Formula and get stocked up on his nutritional needs. See his choices –and why– below:

Product Choices

Kyoku: the perfect on-the-road light breakfast or supplement to a meal that ensures he gets the nutrients needed. "So often, on the road hotel breakfasts are pretty average."

*He even takes it during the event for a simple, smooth way to keep balanced fuel coming on board.

Hotshot: alleviate potential cramping issues

SwissRX: will have 6-7 training days + one race effort (30hr); will lean on Total Recovery to ensure he’s topped off and recovering from multiple hard days

NeverSecond: long days require diligent fueling. C30 drink and gels are great for just that. The C90 Drink Mix is his new go-to as it provides an hour’s goal worth of carbohydrate intake in one bottle.

HVMN: The Sprint pills are his “super charge” pills to get him up and running. With ingredients to take the edge off of caffeine that provide mental clarity without the distracting, uncomfortable jitters that come from mainlining coffee or other substances. Ketone-IQ: a sustained, clean metabolic boost for endurance events/performance that preserves mental acuity + sharpness for his competition.

Follow Ben’s adventures through his instagram @ben__bardwell or through his website!

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