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NEVERSECOND C30 Sports Drink




What we think

NEVERSECOND’s products are developed from the most current, accurate and comprehensive scientific data available. They use the latest research to support their work, and evolve with their athletes and science. Simply put - NEVERSECOND is the real deal!

Science first, Neversecond

Their C-SERIES of fuel products are designed to help endurance athletes optimize their performance energy needs. When used in conjunction with their NEVERSECOND Guidance System™, endurance athletes can now personalize and perfect their training and performance nutrition with confidence.

Their C-SERIES fuel products are formulated using 30g increments of carbohydrate. This allows you to easily plan, test and perfect your performance nutrition

Their C-SERIES products contain only what is tested and proven to fuel great performance.There are no artificial flavors, colors or unnecessary ingredients in our products. Only the best to fuel all your athletic endeavors.

C30 Drink Mix Highlights:

A stripped down sports drink that is composed from just 4 ingredients - maltodextrin, fructose, natural flavor and sodium.

  • Glucose:fructose carb blend optimizes fuel delivery and hydration
  • Isotonic for fast gastric emptying
  • pH-neutral
  • Mild Flavor - Gentle on the stomach
  • Quality controlled and tested 
  • Informed Sport Certified
  • 200mg sodium promotes rapid water absorption 

How to use it:

Add one scoop or one sachet with 500ml of water.  Shake well and let it completely dissolve.  Drink when needed and crush that next PR!

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