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How do Beets improve performance, do beets work for endurance athletes, cyclists, runners?

Beets: Do They Make You Faster?

Beet Juice works. Or at least that's what everyone says. "It's an all natural performance enhancer like no other" they claim. We carry two of the best beet powders, BeetElite and Pure Clean Beet Juice Powder. Both of these products work great for us, and could be a benefit to your performance, but we'd encourage you to try them out for yourself to see how they work for you! Here's what Michael at The Feed has to say about using BeetElite for the past two months. Michael ran a 1:09:37 half marathon this year in Austin and will compete at the Illinois Half Marathon this weekend.

I use it once every day. It's the first bottle I grab after I run, whether that's a 16 mile run or a shorter tempo workout on the track. I've seen great results so far, which could be due in part to dietary changes I've made (zero sugar), but I think BeetElite is contributing as well. During training this week I ran 3 x 2-mile tempos at less than 5:05 pace. I have never done that before, at least not comfortably like this week! I also like the black cherry flavor and the fact that it's pretty low in calories.


Nitrates in beet juice have been shown to boost power output without changing oxygen consumption. Nitrates effectively lower the oxygen cost of exercise. The University of Exeter study conducted by Dr. Andrew Jones found that competitive cyclists were able to shave 45 seconds from a 16.1km Time Trial. Researchers have found that, as a vasodilator (widens blood vessels), beet juice decreases blood pressure, which allows better blood flow as well as oxygen consumption.

It also aids your muscles by reducing the amount of oxygen needed during exercise. So your heart doesn't have to work as hard and muscles will have greater endurance and will recover faster. Studies also have shown that little, if any, increase in endurance performance resulted from just one day of beet juice. Natural Nitrates, such as in fresh beet juice and beet juice powder need several days of continuous use to be maximally effective.

Pure Clean Powder:

Testing was done with fit male athletes and used 500 ml beet juice (2 scoops of powder). Each body responds differently. Pay attention to your own body and find the amount appropriate for your own performance goals. The nitrates in beet juice react with bacteria in your saliva and stomach to produce nitric oxide in your body.

For maximum performance, it is recommended that antibiotic mouthwash, chewing gum and anti-bacterial toothpaste not be used near the time you are consuming the beet juice.

Our friends at BeetElite, added to the conversation with the post below. We love that they are passionate about their product, but recommend that you read below, try it out yourself, and make a decision about how the product works for YOU. The marketing lingo doesn't matter if you don't like the product!

Improved Athletic Performance: Put Beet Power into Hyper-Drive.

It’s no secret: beets boost athletic performance. Aside from containing a goldmine of antioxidants and electrolytes, beets offer performance-boosting powers in the form of dietary nitrates, which the body then converts to nitric oxide. Scientific studies show that higher levels of nitric oxide in the blood help extend endurance, improve intensity, and shorten recovery time. That’s because nitric oxide dilates blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow throughout the body. As a result, oxygen and nutrients are delivered faster. Many athletes drink fresh beet juice to create more nitric oxide in the body, but it has some drawbacks.

For best effectiveness, beet juice must be consumed 90 minutes or more before training or competition. Also, the volume of beet juice required for a performance boost can be too filling, and thus, uncomfortable during exercise.

New Technology Brings a Better Beet Boost: BeetElite has a patented technology that makes it easy to get all the benefits of beets in a concentrated, all-natural, 30-calorie shot. It's a revolution in nitric-oxide production. The Neogenis Sport patented technology in BeetElite helps the body produce nitric oxide three times faster than beet juice and beetroot concentrates. In fact, a single pleasant-tasting shot delivers the same nitric oxide-producing power as six fresh beets or one full liter of beet juice.

This pre-workout shot helps support exercise, training, and competition at all levels. Competitive athletes have found that, for optimal performance, BeetElite should be used at least three consecutive days before an event, plus 30-60 minutes before the event begins. For endurance competitions, such as long-distance running and cycling events, a second shot can be consumed 4 hours into the competition.

Not All Beets (or Beet Powders) Are Created Equal: The secret to BeetElite is in the beets themselves. Before launching BeetElite, Neogenis Labs conducted extensive testing of numerous beet varieties to ensure that the beets selected for use in its formula contain the highest levels of naturally occurring dietary nitrates available. BeetElite formulators also use an exclusive, patented drying process to preserve the delicate nutrients. As a result, BeetElite acts faster and produces more nitric-oxide power than other leading beet products on the market. While everyone is different, BeetElite users report the following:

  • The ability to work out longer and harder
  • Improved ability to breathe during exercise
  • More energy during training and competitions
  • Better energy the day after
  • Improved endurance and speed
  • Less soreness and stiffness following exercise
  • Improved recovery time due to improved blood flow

BeetElite comes in a powder form that is mixed with 4-6 ounces of water and can be taken just 30 minutes before exercise (versus the 90+ minutes required for the body to metabolize other beet products).

And, BeetElite comes in a travel-friendly pouch for easy transport. Individuals who adhere to a clean-eating regimen will be pleased to know that BeetElite is non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, and contains no artificial flavors, colors, added sugars, or preservatives. It is available in two delicious flavors, Regular and Black Cherry.

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