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Amp Human Performance lotion helps to buffer lactic acid production/build up, reduce fatigue, and improve recovery for athletes.
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Amp Human Performance PR Lotion: The Ultimate Lactic-Buffering Tool

    Amp Human Performance Lotion Review

    When dealing with muscle fatigue, most of us tend to put emphasis on the recovery side of things. However, it’s also important to focus on the pre-activity phase, too. Preparation is one of the most effective ways to reduce muscle soreness. Most athletes use Amp Human Performance PR Lotion, an amazing product that is designed to significantly reduce muscle fatigue.

    What is Amp Human Performance PR Lotion & How Does it Work?

    PR Lotion is a product that is clinically proven to reduce muscle soreness by up to 53%. It allows muscles to go for much longer while requiring shorter recovery times. It works by buffering the acids produced by the muscles during exercise, making it an effective performance and recovery product in one.

    When applied pre-workout, it targets the hardest-working muscle groups and delivers sodium bicarbonate, a substance naturally produced by our bodies to neutralize the acid, reduce soreness, and battle fatigue.

    By stripping out acid build-up, you can push harder for longer and recover more quickly. If you’ve been searching for a product that can give you that performance and recovery edge, then this could very well be it!

    Benefits of PR Lotion

    This sodium bicarbonate lotion was tested in a number of clinical trials using high-level athletes. The results of these studies found that Amp HP lead to:

    • Increased lactate levels lead to an increase in muscle efficiency
    • The interval completed prior to exhaustion was increased by 25%
    • Muscle soreness being reduced by 53%
    • A much lower heart rate, even at the same workload

    The effects of sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda) in boosting performance in athletes have long been documented. However, bicarbonate is very unpleasant to consume, and there’s a possibility of experiencing adverse side effects if ingested in excess (including gastrointestinal issues like cramping, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.)

    That’s why most people have embraced the use of Amp Human Performance Lotion which sidesteps the risk for gastrointestinal issues. Rather than eating it, you’re rubbing the bicarb directly onto your muscles - which, while being equally effective, eliminates the risk of performance reducing side effects altogether.

    Trusted by the Professionals

    This muscle performance/recovery lotion brings immense benefits to the user. It’s no wonder it’s trusted by countless pros all around the world, including Steven Nyman, Alexis Ryan, Cameron Wurf, and Joseph Gray - 16X National Champion!

    If you had any question as to whether or not this lotion works, the fact that pros such as these trust it to help with their performance and recovery should put your mind to rest. It has been the go-to for their key workouts and has kept them performing at optimal levels all year round.

    What’s The Best Way To Use It?

    Using PR Lotion is easy. All you have to do is rub it on your muscles about 15 to 30 minutes before your workout begins. It’s important to remain consistent with your routine if you want to experience consistent results.

    For any activity where the goal is to push yourself hard, you’ll want to apply the lotion beforehand. However, you may not need to use it before if you’re doing a recovery activity, and can instead apply it afterward for increased recovery benefits.

    Simply put, for your hard workouts, make sure you always apply PR lotion before you begin. The texture of the lotion isn’t as silky smooth as some might expect, but it’s relatively easy to apply. You need to ensure that you rub it into your skin sufficiently and that has time to dry before starting your workout.

    Rub an adequate amount into the large muscle groups that will be used for your intense workout. For instance, if you’re a rider, you would want to rub the lotion into your quads, from the knees to your waist. You may also want to rub some into your hamstrings and calves - particularly if you’re anticipating a particularly hard effort or hill climbing.

    Basically, rub the lotion into any and all of your muscles that are going to be working hard, depending on the type of activity you’re doing. Once all the lotion is rubbed in, you can then wash your hands.

    Should You Try PR Lotion?

    This is the first pre-workout product to deliver bicarbonate to your body through your skin, rather than having to ingest it. Bicarb is a natural buffer, and it helps your muscles push to the limit. If this is something that’s important during your workouts, then you stand to gain a lot by trying Amp Human Performance PR Lotion.

    It’s proven, trusted, and guaranteed to help you reach those personal victories. All you have to do is apply it before your workouts for your body to perform better and recover faster.

    • Push Your Limits!
    • Win - Use PR Lotion for pushing your athletic threshold during those back-to-back days.
    • Improve - Shorten recovery times and consolidate gains across your workouts by using it daily
    • Endure - tackle tough challenges and keep up with the best by reducing lactic acid.
    • Enjoy - PR Lotion gives your body what it requires to excel so you can enjoy workouts more!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Where Can I Buy PR Lotion?

    A: If you’ve decided to try it, simply click this link to buy PR Lotion from the official sales page. When you order your Amp Human Performance, you get a convenient 60-day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind. This means that you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain when you decide to use PR Lotion.

    Q: Is PR Lotion Good For Swimming?

    A: Absolutely! You can use this for swimming. Just make sure that you apply the lotion about half an hour before jumping into the pool. That way you give it time to be properly absorbed into your system before you get started.

    Q: Can I Still Wear Sunscreen?

    A: PR Lotion should always be applied before any other skin products. Afterward, you can then apply sunscreen and any other products like warming creams, anti-chafing creams, etc.

    Q: How Long Does the Effect of PR Lotion Last, and Should I Reapply?

    A: A single use of PR Lotion lasts for about an hour, but after the effects wear off you'll enter the second hour of your workout or race with fresher legs. The harder you go and the longer your workout, the more your body uses bicarbonate. So, for best results, reapply during all-day events. Reapplying the lotion again after a hard workout may help to further reduce soreness in the days following your workout.

    Review Conclusion for AMP Human Performance PR Lotion

    Training hard equates to faster gains and improved performance doing the things you love. If you’re someone who wants to experience better results, then Amp Human Performance PR Lotion may be just what you need.

    Its effects are clear and simple. It helps knock down pain levels and reduce muscle burn significantly when you’re putting in the hard effort.

    So whether you’re doing interval workouts or any other type of training or race, you can be sure that this product will help you go harder and be able to set a new personal best!


    Kate Thornton / Thursday, August 20, 2020