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What is nitric oxide and how is nitric oxide good for performance?

A Legal Performance Enhancer

What if you could climb better, run faster, and push harder in every workout?

While most products are full of false promises, one tried and true technique is to boost performance by increasing your natural nitric oxide levels.

How it Works

When you boost your body's production of Nitric Oxide, it dilates your arteries, so more oxygen-rich red blood cells flow to your working muscles.

More oxygen means you can push harder for longer before you go anaerobic, and the pain related to lactate kicks in.

In my experience, this is the most popular and effective performance booster we sell. It also has the highest repeat purchase rate of any supplement at The Feed.

What Will I Feel?

The effect you feel is that you can push much closer to my anaerobic threshold and stay there longer than I could without boosting Nitric Oxide. I also find I recover faster from all-out efforts.

I use Nitric Oxide on most challenging rides and runs these days. Last weekend I did my first 10K run in a long time, and I was over 8,000 feet of elevation. The Nitric Oxide made a difference for me on the punchy climbs as I could hold on to the group I was with versus getting dropped. I knew it was working as I could feel like my lips were swollen / tingling.

It's not just me – boosting Nitric Oxide is next to caffeine as one of the most common performance boosters.

How Do I Boost Nitric Oxide?

Traditionally, athletes would use beet-based supplements. These are effective and work well for short, one to two-hour efforts. But they fade quickly. An example of this is Sur AltRed.

SwissRX Nitric Oxide takes a different approach using L-Citruline and Amino Acid originally found in Watermelon. You get the same boost as the beet supplements, but it can last 4 to 5 hours before it declines.

How Do I Take It?

Take six capsules an hour before your next workout.

Once you experience how it works for you, you can consider going to a daily routine. Dr. Sprouse recommends most of his pros take 2 SwissRX Nitric Oxide each day (morning or night) and then take 4 to 6 capsules before working out. I take six pre-workout.

You may notice a slight tingling sensation on your lips. I don't see it at six capsules, but I notice the tingling at eight capsules. All this means is that it is working, and you might be at the upper limit of what you want to take.

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Saturday, March 4, 2023