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💊 Anti-Aging Supplement of 2019?

How this anti-aging supplement has become the ultimate sports performance booster.

By Matt Johnson
April 23, 2019

[Placeholder]💊 Anti-Aging Supplement of 2019? | How this anti-aging supplement has become the ultimate sports performance booster.

For the past year, we have been researching the intersection of anti-aging supplements and athletic performance. We asked ourselves: Could the same supplements that have become wildly popular in the anti-aging movement also help supercharge our athletic performance?

The answer is a resounding yes. I'll break down for you the three main ways that anti-aging supplements work for athletic performance below. But, if you want to skip all that to get to the answer, well it arrived today in the form of Eternus from Neurohacker Collective.

We have been recommending best-in-class supplements from a variety of brands to Feed customers for over a year, but buying multiple anti-aging supplements from different brands is expensive, creates lots of bottles to manage, and you have to take 15+ pills per day to get the essential benefits.

Today, Eternus arrived, and it puts all our recommended supplements (and then some) into a single formulation. It is like a shotgun for anti-aging benefits and the most powerful single sports performance supplement we have found.

What I love about Eternus is that 1) it combines 38 of the most impactful ingredients into a single product, and 2) I trust Neurohacker's team has found the highest quality sources for each ingredient.

So how does this help you be a better athlete?

There are three critical things to anti-aging that also align with the top priorities of high-performance athletes.

1. 🔋Cellular Energy. Often referred to in anti-aging circles as mitochondrial health. Your mitochondria are the engine that drives all your cells.

As an athlete, you spend a lot of time trying to improve your energy reserves, but what if you could tackle this at the cellular level. Anti-aging doctrine is to clean out the junk in your cells, improve NAD levels, and increase your ATP energy reserves in each cell.

Cellular energy is at the heart of what Eternus does. It creates more cellular energy that in turn creates more energy for your tissues to use, which in turn will give you more power in your training.

Matt's Hack: I'm a big advocate for increasing your NAD+ levels. The one ingredient missing from Eternus is NR for increasing your NAD+ levels as it is a patented molecule. We sell NR from its patent owner in the product TruNiagen. Combine TruNiagen with Eternus for the ultimate NAD+ boosting protocol

2. 🛌 Sleep. It turns out that if we don't get enough "deep" sleep, it is a significant contributor to aging. Deep sleep is the restorative phase where our body does all its internal maintenance to our cells. The more deep sleep we can have, the more time our body has to heal itself each night.

As a result, deep sleep is a crucial component of anti-aging protocol supplements and they are key as they can assist with better circadian rhythm (our internal clock) and lead to more deep sleep. As an athlete this like taking your car to the Ferrari mechanic versus Jiffy Lube.

3. 🎈Inflammation. The most significant impact on cellular health and aging has to be chronic inflammation. For an athlete, inflammation is also the biggest hindrance to recovery. Eternus can have a significant impact on supporting healthy inflammation (when it is good for you) but also hindering chronic inflammation.  To take this even further, combine with VitalFit Tart Cherry.

So is this the supplement of the year?

We think it just might be. It provides a ton of benefits to help you live a healthier life as your calendar age rises. Plus you get all the short term athletic performance benefits improved cellular energy, better quality sleep, and reduced inflammation.

It has been researched and formulated by leading anti-aging researchers, and the ingredients mirror the recommendations of the very well researched Kaufmann Protocol for anti-aging supplements.

The best part is that it comes in a single pill. Well, I guess it is a single bottle as you need to take eight pills :-) Note: It is recommended that you "cycle" Eternus - You take it five days on and then two days off each week.

It is better not to wait.

Most people start trying to hack their age when their cells are already "aged" beyond what they would like. Most anti-aging supplements work by delaying aging, not reversing it. So if you start earlier, you set a better state of youthfulness to maintain going forward. If you are already "old," then there is no better time to start than today. 

[product handle="neurohacker-collective-eternus?variant=14645520564287" description="Design for anti-aging, this has become the most existing supplement of the year for boosting athletic performance. It combines 38 different ingredients sourced from the purest sources available anywhere in the world. Created from the award-winning team at Neurohacker Collective." title="Eternus by Neurohacker Collective"]