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For Endurance athletes, Recovery Pump is the next generation of pneumatic compression therapy systems, improves recovery time, blood flow, and removes waste.
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Why pro athletes are using Recovery Pump

At the world stage, runners and cyclists have dedicated staff members to perform daily massages. The aches and pains resulting from high mileage and stressful racing environments can leave an athlete crippled if unattended.

Unfortunately, real-life doesn't always work this way. By the time you take the dog for a walk, get the kids fed, and take out the trash, there is little time or energy remaining to focus on body wellness.

New for 2020 is the Recovery Pump. Think hypobaric chamber meets masseuse in your own home. Slide on the compression legs or pants and kick back, relax and enjoy all of the benefits of your personal massage therapist.

How does it work?

You put on your Recovery Pump select a program and press start. The system then fills the air chamber in the boots with air causing it to compress your legs. It begins at your feet and then progresses to your lower and upper leg. This results in more pressure in the veins resulting in flushing out of the metabolic waste. The boots then deflate and start at the feet again, often referred to as milking of the legs.

Why is Recovery Pump Better?

For Endurance athletes, Recovery Pump is the next generation of pneumatic compression therapy systems. Their secret sauce is the cycle time. Competitive products may only do 6 full cycles (from your feet to your quads) per 20 minutes. Whereas Recovery Pump gets you 20 cycles. More cycles = More Flushing = Better & Faster Recovery.

Who uses Recovery Pump?

Up until now, Recovery Pump was really only available to professional spots teams and championship teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and MLS all use Recovery Pump. Even Steph Curry of the Warriors has been photographed using Recovery Pump post-game. Now The Feed is bringing Recovery Pump to every athlete.

How long is a session?

You only need 20 minutes to get a complete session completed, but some people will go longer. Unlike other devices that take almost 60 minutes, Recovery Pump's faster cycle time makes recovery fit into your schedule.

What's the difference between the 2 Versions?

Recovery Pump does come in two versions. For most individual athletes the RP Lite (less expensive) version is the best choice. It is smaller, more portable, has a built in battery and is just as powerful. The added features of the RPX System (more expensive system) is the ability to power the larger Recovery Pants and it has Bluetooth connectivity to control it from your phone and even create customized programs.

Do I want Boots or Pants?

Great question. Both do a great job. The Recovery Boots have 4 chambers and go from your feet to your upper quads. The Recovery Pants has 8 chambers and goes all the way to your abdomen to give you a full lower body massage and flushing.

If you are going to get the RP Lite (less expensive system) then you want the Boots. If you want the Pants and the extra recovery through your glutes and hips, then you want to go with the RPX System to power the pants. If you have the budget, go with the pants and you will be thrilled.

What does it feel like after a session?

We've used pneumatic recovery systems for at least the last 10 years under various brand names. The feeling you have post-session is that your legs feel lighter and relaxed. Unlike a massage that can make your legs feel a bit tired after, you feel like you have a spring back in your legs after using Recovery Pump.

Does it really work?

Almost every professional athlete we know uses a Recovery Pump or similar device. Almost every athlete in the Tour de France uses one on the team bus after the stage before they go for their professional massage. So yes, it works.

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Tell me more about the Science of Recovery Pump:

How the Human Body Removes Metabolic Waste

Our lymphatic system and blood vessels work together to flush waste from our cells naturally. Muscular movement, however, is needed to stimulate this process because the lymphatic system does not have a pump as the heart does. Often athletes will perform light exercise to achieve this muscle contraction and increase circulation in the body, thereby reducing soreness in the muscles.

RecoveryPump Expedites Post-Workout Recovery

Although the human body naturally excises waste that causes soreness and fatigue, this takes time. RecoveryPump delivers serious athletes an aggressive but very natural alternative to passive recovery that far exceeds the results achieved from many traditional modes of recovery. Our system simulates localized "active recovery" in a passive manner because the therapy is conducted at rest.

What Happens When You Use Your RecoveryPump?

Active sequential compression like the RecoveryPump increases venous return, rapidly accelerating the body's reabsorption of the elements causing soreness and fatigue in the muscle. Specific levels of compression, measured in mmHg, increase circulation at all levels of the venous system - Deep Veins, Saphenous Veins, Superficial, and Perforator Veins - effectively removing metabolic waste faster than any traditional mode of recovery or rest alone.

Speed up your body's own natural means of recovery and quickly climb back to your peak performance levels with the proven technology that addresses muscle pain at its source.

Use of RecoveryPump's sequential compression therapy 1-2 hours per day will produce results similar to the benefits of 12-48 hours of rest.

Want more details?

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