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What is 6D sports nutrition and why is it used by pros?
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Why Are So Many Euro Teams Using This Brand?

This spring I was visiting some of the World Tour Cycling teams during the classic races, and one sports nutrition brand was consistently on the table – even though they weren’t official sponsors.

Meet 6D Sports Nutrition, straight out of Belgium. While they're open sponsors of Soudal Quick-Step, rumor has it that nearly a dozen teams buy their products. Intrigued, I made a phone call, rescheduled my flight, and made a beeline for their headquarters in Antwerp.

What I found?

A dedicated team with an unwavering commitment to sports science and the finest ingredients. While their packaging might seem “euro”, the contents and the experts behind them spoke volumes. Backed by stellar reviews from World Tour riders, I knew 6D was something I wanted to bring our Feed Athletes.

Listen, this is so euro, I had to ChapGPT the flavors! I learned that “Agrum” means mixed citrus! Next up was Red Fruits, is a blend of strawberry, raspberry, and cherry.

But before I delve into specifics, here’s what stood out: 6D’s fueling plan. Just three products an hour, and you're looking at World Tour fueling levels.

Here's the breakdown:

Isotonic Drink: 32g carbs, 450mg sodium.

Ultra Gel: 45g carbs, 200mg sodium.

Fruit Chew: 26g carbs, 100mg sodium.

That’s a solid 102g of carbs and 750mg of sodium – from just three items! I can now understand why so many World Tour Pros are using these products. The formula is simple, and over 100g of carbs is in line with what top riders are now consuming.

Meet The ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Star Products

Isotonic Drink: At 32g of carbs and 450mg of sodium, it’s the ideal drink for training sessions, especially when paired with their high-carb gel.

Ultra Gel: This year's trend is shifting to 40g carb gels. But 6D? They've launched a 45g carb gel that's not just loaded but also refreshingly liquidy, making it super consumable.

Energy Fruit Chews: Crafted with 50% genuine fruit pulp, these are incredibly soft, tasty, and don't freeze during winter. (Tip: these are amazing!)

Sodium Bicarb Tablets: It is hard to find Sodium BiCarb tablets, a potent performance booster. If you're among the 20-30% of athletes who can handle bicarb without a fuss (aka stomach upset), this is a cost-effective way to maintain optimal muscle pH levels during high-intensity training and racing.

Don't be a pannenkoeken and discover all the products form 6D on your next ride or run.

Hup, hup, hup!

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Tuesday, October 3, 2023