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what supplements are the best athletes taking for recovery, illness, and performance?

What Supplements are the Tour Riders Taking?

What supplements should Tour de France athletes take to support their training, recovery, and minimizing the risk of illness?

We worked with Dr. Kevin Sprouse, the team doctor for the EF Pro Cycling Team, on what he prescribes to his athletes at the Tour de France.

We even went one step further and had Dr. Sprouse curate a Feed Formula for you. He put together what every endurance athlete should do as a safe and effective daily supplement routine to support their training and day-to-day health.

What is a Feed Formula?

Feed Formulas are our way of making supplements easier to take. Instead of pill bottles, you now get one easy-to-open pouch with the combination of supplements you need for that day.

The Feed Formulas pouch makes sticking with a daily routine much more straightforward, with no more opening bottles or counting pills each morning.

Feed Formulas uses the same branded, top-shelf, pharmaceutical-grade supplements you already get from The Feed. We package them in a more convenient pouch with a modern countertop storage box.

Dr. Sprouse's Athlete Daily Protocol

When you're training more than three days per week, your nutritional demands are more significant than the average person's, and you require more micronutrients than you can get from diet alone. We've found this is especially true for elites and athletes over 40.

Dr. Sprouse's Athlete Daily Protocol is everything you need as an endurance athlete for a daily supplement routine:

1. Energy Production: Dr. Sprouse added two capsules of SwissRX Multivitamin to his protocol to support the production of ATP.

2. Recovery Post-Workout: To assist in consistent recovery from workout to workout, Dr. Sprouse added an Omega 3 that is one of the most absorbable formats and is guaranteed to have no fishy burps!

3. Immune Support: Almost every endurance athlete Dr. Sprouse works with has insufficient Vitamin D. The increased workload of athletes requires more Vitamin D than can come from diet alone. Dr. Sprouse selected an ideal daily dosage of 2500IU of Puori's (from Denmark), a Vitamin D3 supplement.

Curated for You

While Dr. Sprouse's Athlete daily is everything most athletes need daily, we recently updated Feed Formulas to be fully customizable by you based on what you need.

You can add, remove or change quantities from over 80 supplements to get the customized combination you want in a single daily pouch.

We also offer a few expert-designed formulas targeting specific needs. such as: Gut Repair, Pre-Workout, Injury Repair, and Recovery.

My personal experience taking the athlete daily has been magical. I can stick with my training plan better, I think I get sick less often (or frankly barely ever), and I notice I have more energy later in the day.

I recently added to Dr. Sprouse's formula some much-needed performance-focused supplements. Look for the Formula with the HP for High Performance Formula on this page. It is pricey but is the ultimate high-performance supplement protocol for any endurance athlete.

No more bottles cluttering your counter. Just take one pouch for the day and you are ready to train.

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