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Tour de France winner, Chris Froome, joins The Feed as an athlete and investor
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Welcome to the Team: Chris Froome

We're excited to share that Chris Froome has joined The Feed as an athlete and investor.

We have been working with Chris during his comeback with a curated selection of products to help him get back to the top of the sport of cycling.

Chris was thrilled with the results...so much so that he became the newest investor in The Feed.

What Products did Chris Use?

During Chris’s comeback and training leading up to this year’s Tour de France, Chris’s favorite product was the SwissRX Total Recovery Shake with one scoop of SwissRX Collagen.

Chris found that the Total Recovery shake was easy to digest after a workout and that it helped him keep post-workout inflammation in check. He also added one scoop of SwissRX Collagen (now back in stock) to his shake to continue the process of repairing soft-tissue injuries.

Breakfast was always a struggle for Chris to be filled up but not feel too full. He started using the Kyoku breakfast shake and fell in love. It was the perfect balance of energy for his longest workouts and easy to digest.

Why did Chris invest in The Feed?

Chris said, “I am involved with companies that are transforming the cycling landscape - The Feed is a dream for endurance athletes with every nutrition and performance product you can think of in one place. Whether you are looking for nutrition for your next ride, faster recovery, or getting over an injury like me, The Feed is the world’s best online store for athletes.”

Stay tuned for more insider access to Chris has shared with his fellow Feed athletes like you his fueling strategies, what he used on certain stages, and the products he is enjoying.

One of the many ways Chris is involved in The Feed is also helping us test products for performance.

“As a 7x Grand Tour winner and 4x Tour de France champion, we couldn’t ask for an athlete more in tune with his body and performance to product feedback,” according to Matt Johnson, Founder of The Feed.

Chris continues to use his sponsored team products, including Maurten and Hyperice. “We are big fans of the Israel Cycling Academy and what Sylvan, Ron, and Kjell have created from scratch into one of the top teams in the Pro Peloton,” added Johnson.

We're excited to have this level of product feedback, input, and experience on our team.

If you are fans of Chris, don’t forget the limited edition Froomey bottle we created to celebrate Chris’s joining The Feed.

Welcome to the team!

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