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What is the best superfood supplement shake for breakfast like Kyoku?
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Want to Upgrade your Breakfast?

Want to upgrade your breakfast routine this year?

Try out our most popular shake from Kyoku. It is delicious and packed with nutrients, including 22g of plant based protein.

It's a functional breakfast shake made for athletes with 16 superfoods to assist in performance, recovery, and keeping you from getting hungry well into the afternoon.

The best part is that it is easy to digest and brings none of that bloating common with other protein shakes. It's also a very reasonable 220 calories total.

But, we have one problem: you really need to blend it for it to reach peak frothiness.

So we solved this with technological marvel, the Kyoku Mobile Blender.

Order today and you get the blender for free ($30 Value).

This isn't just any blender. We tested over 40 different blenders to find the perfect one that mixes perfectly, has a long battery life, and is easy to sip from.

It's like a portable coffee mug, except you push the button and it blends like a tornado!

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What I'll do is put the powder in the blender at home and then get oat-milk or Malk (new favorite) at the office to pour in, tap the button, and have a perfectly frothy Kyoku for breakfast or lunch.

The blender is free when you buy a 15 or 24 pack of Kyoku at this link (this is a $30.00 value).

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Monday, January 9, 2023