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How can I sleep better and improve mental acuity for training?
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Two New Brain Tonics You Need to Try

Want to optimize your sleep with a simple daily cocktail?

How about a shot made to help boost your focus for training?

We have been testing our two products from the German company BrainLuxury for the past month. We sent samples to over a dozen of our high-performance team athletes to get their feedback.

The feedback was a resounding approval, in fact they said, "You need to sell this at The Feed."

We now have a limited supply for 100 athletes to try out BrainLuxury's two products.

The Products:

DELTA: To improve your sleep as a whole – especially deep sleep (hello improved sleep score!).

GAMMA: To help boost your focus at work and/or during workouts (flow state here I come).

While you can use just one or the other, they work even better together. DELTA can help you sleep and recover better and GAMMA can enhance your focus during training so you can push even harder. If it feels like you are getting a test tube straight from a secret lab, well you sort of are.

BrainLuxury is handmade with high-quality ingredients to a pharmaceutical quality in a German lab.

It's then shipped on ice to us at The Feed. We keep it at a precise temperature before sending it to you (be sure to put it in the fridge when you receive the product).

Restorative Sleep:

What I like about DELTA is the potent cocktail of ingredients to help you sleep, but DOES NOT contain a sleep agent like melatonin, so you can get a restorative sleep your body needs. DELTA uses ingredients like amino acids, vitamins, and essential fatty acids to support the body's natural sleep processes.

Flow State Focus:

Then when I wake up and before I train, I use a tube of GAMMA to prepare for the day and help me focus during more strenuous interval workouts. The GAMMA drink contains a blend of amino acids that act as precursors for various metabolic pathways involved in energy production. Creatine helps to promote a continuous supply of energy to muscles, while phenylalanine supports the creation of important neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine.

GAMMA also includes Tryptophan to help regulate circadian rhythm and produce niacin, which is used in energy metabolism and DNA production. These pathways work together to enhance focus and performance during training and racing.

Limited Supply:

We have a limited supply, and I'll admit that BrainLuxury is not inexpensive, but you are getting what could be one of the most advanced formulated cocktails for sleep and focus that exists anywhere.

I encourage you to try it out for yourself and use one or both for at least seven days in a row. While you will likely see immediate benefits, I found that continued use further improved the performance.

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Thursday, March 30, 2023