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Training Over 40: Why I take this everyday

For two years, I've been working to make a better daily supplement routine for athletes. So, I'm excited to say that we now have, what I consider, the best and easiest to use solution in the market for athletes.

The breakthrough for me was realizing that we needed to fix BOTH what athletes took each day and how they took it, so that athletes could easily stick with a daily routine.

On the formula side, we tried hundreds of options and worked with many experts, including Dr. Kevin Sprouse (EF Pro Cycling Team Doctor), to find the best and most effective daily formula.

On the convenience side, we found that no matter how good the formula was, it wouldn't be effective if you don't take it consistently every day. So, we got rid of the bottles and packed the capsules into a daily supplement pouch, dramatically improving the ease of use.

All you have to do is tear open the pouch each morning and take the capsules inside. What I love is the feeling each morning that I've already done something good for myself and my training before my day even gets started.

Do I even need a daily supplement routine?

This is a great question that I get frequently. I agree with those skeptical of supplements that if you can get your nutrition from natural food sources, that is the best solution.

But what if you have a deficiency in a particular nutrient? And as an athlete putting extra strain on your body, you are very likely to have insufficient or deficient levels of a critical nutrient. This is why every professional athlete we work with has a daily supplement regimen.

That is why I think of the daily supplement routine we created as my insurance policy against deficiencies (and to ensure my best possible athletic performance).

For sure, I don't need everything in the supplement routine every day. But by taking it daily, I ensure that I'm always getting what I DO need, making sure I'm never deficient.

Why is this the right formula for me?

At first, we felt every athlete should do a blood test to figure out the ideal formula. But after testing this theory with hundreds of athletes, we found that over 90% of the time, the recommended formula for each athlete was the same.

We also realized that there isn't one magical pill. Instead, the most effective protocol was a combination of different supplements taken together.

The result is the Athlete Daily Formula (a daily pouch of 4 capsules) that helps you in 3 ways:

Those three ways are: Increased energy production, reduced inflammation, and increased immunity. The protocol accomplishes this with three different products, all aimed a specific outcome.

1) Energy Production: The formula includes SwissRX Multi-Vitamin which contains all the micronutrients you need for efficient energy production (i.e. ATP). Thus, including all the critical fuel your cells need to produce energy.

2) Inflammation: The formula includes SwissRX Omega-3 supplement with the ideal DHA to EPA ratio. It is also the highest bioavailable Omega-3 we have found with no fishy taste.

3) Immunity: Endurance athletes almost always have insufficient levels of Vitamin D as you consume it while training, regardless of how much sun exposure you have. The formula includes Puori Vitamin D from Denmark which is great for bone health, recovery and immunity.

What about my specific concerns?

In order to help you with your specific goals, there are a series of Add-Ons that you can choose. I'm hesitant to make it any more complicated, so I'll share what I take.

I have the Energy Add-On, which doubles the SwissRX Multi-Vitamin to 4 capsules to help combat the combined stress of work and training. I also use the Joint Health Add-On, and it has done wonders for my aching knees and joints.

If you are interested in getting started, we are offering 50% off first-time orders of the Athlete Formula today. You will get your first box in a few days with a four-week supply.

You will get a new box every four weeks, but don't worry it is easy to pause, delay, or cancel your subscription with just a single click.

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Monday, August 2, 2021