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How can I fuel for summer training?
How to Fuel

Top Tips on How to Fuel Your Summer Adventures

Alright, ready to dive into the fun side of fueling up for your active summer? With the sun beginning to blaze and the long summer days coming up, it's the perfect time for early morning workouts, group rides or epic weekend adventures!

Let's get into some cool (literally) tips to make sure you're getting the most out of your summer workouts:

Hydration – Sip Your Way to Success!

Hydration isn't just a pit-stop during your run or bike ride, it's a journey. Start your hydration journey even before you step out, and keep sipping post-workout too. Pre-hydration can boost your cells' fluid retention and prep you for the workout. After your sweat session, go for a high-sodium drink to balance out your fluid loss and get you back to feeling fabulous.

Pre- and post-workout, we love the options from LMNT, Nuun, and Precision F&H.

Sweat It Out, But Know Your Sweat

Are you a sweat storm or just a drizzle? Do you finish a workout looking like a salty snack, or are you practically pristine? If you're the former, hydration and sodium should be your best pals. Most people lose around 400-600mg of sodium per liter of sweat. To limit this, aim to consume half of that per hour during those sizzling workouts.

A staple product of many is the Skratch Labs Hydration – it's right in the sweet spot of carbs and sodium.

Cool is the New Hot

Keep your cool with frozen/insulated bottles, cold packs, or even freezing your hydration pack. Lowering your core temp can give you that extra edge because, when it rises, your body shifts into a "protective state" which can affect your performance and limit your ability to really dig in.

Bottles like the Podium Chill or Bivo Insulated can make a big difference.

Fueling – Eat, Sleep, Workout, Repeat

Are you a morning person? If your day starts with a workout, you might be puzzled about your pre-workout meal. Light workout? Grab a snack and some electrolytes and you're good to go. For those longer, more intense workouts, start munching as soon as you're on the bike and continue throughout to avoid GI issues or a blood sugar drop. If you're wanting something more satiating to start your ride off with, then the new NEVERSECOND C30 Bar and Styrkr Bar 50 both fit the bill!

Be a meal prep champion! This will not only help you keep track of your meals but also ensure you're not famished or uncomfortable from poor lunch choices during your post-work rides.

Remember, the on-the-bike carb-per-hour plan is a game changer!

Recovery – It's Not Just About the Catching Zs

Summer means longer days, later workouts, and the fun of group rides. But all that fun can leave you wired. To help you wind down and prep for a restful night, try supplements like Pillar Triple Magnesium and Momentous Elite Sleep.

Refueling in the "Golden Window" post-workout is vital! To make it easy peasy, try a single sachet recovery mix like Skratch or Total Recovery. Prep it beforehand with your choice of milk or water, and you're set!

And a BONUS – Heat Acclimatization!

Gradual exposure is the key to success.

Start by exposing yourself to hotter conditions gradually. This process involves training in the heat for increasingly longer durations over a period of one to two weeks. It could begin with light workouts in the warmest part of the day and then progressively increase the intensity and duration of these sessions. This will allow your body to adapt to the warmer conditions and make physiological changes to improve performance and comfort in the heat.

So, there you have it! Your guide to crushing your summer workouts. Now go make the most of those long, sun-soaked days!

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