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How can I get better at winning races?
Training Tips

The Way to Win: Three Pro Performance Tactics You Should Use

We asked two HPT members what makes the difference for them come race day – what they do to ensure a successful event. We break down the tactics of Lauren De Crescenzo and Luis Orta for pre, during, and post-race.


Lauren De Crescenzo (LDC):

I start pre-race fueling three days before a race and try to never feel hungry. First, I cut down on my overall fat and fiber intake. I still use Kyoku breakfast shakes to ensure I'm meeting my nutrient needs without weighing myself down. Then I ramp up my carbohydrate amount and frequency.

Luis Orta:

Consistency! I eat about 3hours before my race. Then I rest. 90 minutes before the race I start doing my mobility exercises and stretches. Exactly 60 minutes before the race I start jogging: 20 minutes easy + drills + strides and then I do a 1km close to race pace to get my body warmed up and ready to run fast.



My biggest tip is to remember that it's one-way communication with your legs. I'm constantly telling my body what I want it to do instead of asking it, "Body, how do you feel?”

Luis Orta:

When it comes to hydrating, I take my time. The idea is to slowly put the fuel down while keeping my HR as low as possible. Don't force it. Don't rush it. Don't struggle. Just a sip at a time until it's done.



Whether it's a race or a big training day I do my best to not miss the proverbial "glycogen window” and get in my recovery mix –NEVERSECOND P30 Whey Isolate– and real, whole food (rice) as soon as possible.

Luis Orta:

Always cool down. An easy 15-20 minute jog after a race makes a world of difference! Then

don't forget to stretch! I use Roll Recovery tools, Therabody boots, and stretch stretch stretch a lot – every night! Recovery and maintenance are just as important as training.

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