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How to boost recovery and improve performance for cycling, running, crossfit, endurance athletes with Firefly.
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The Secret Weapon Used By The Pros To Reduce Inflammation and Speed Recovery

We found out about this recovery device in speaking with the Head PT/Trainer at the Orlando Magic. Frankly, we like to think we're pretty on top of this stuff and once we looked into the device, we were surprised how many pro teams are using it for recovery and we'd never heard of it (it's definitely being kept hush-hush🤫)

The device is called a Firefly. It is super easy to use and, for a recovery device, it's not expensive...

It was originally developed for post-surgical orthopedic patients to keep blood flowing to their lower extremities after surgery to speed healing. Now, it's been adapted as an "active recovery" device that increases blood flow and dramatically lowers inflammation in your legs and feet.

So... what is it?

The Firefly sticks on your leg just below your knee and uses a low-grade electric buzzing signal that stimulates the peroneal nerve on the knee, contracting your calf muscle and increasing blood flow...

You simply stick it on, strap it in, sit back and watch your muscles twitch. The best part is that you can go to work, walk around, and carry on your day while the Firefly is helping you recover (but I would avoid driving as your foot can "flutter" if you have it turned up high)

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The benefits are twofold:

First: by circulating blood to your heart faster you're getting more oxygen in your blood, which is ideal for overall performance and recovery.

Secondly: you're getting an increase in lower extremity microcirculation by 400%.

If you're trying to speed recovery from an injury, just performed a heavy training block, or are keen on multi-tasking, Firefly is your secret weapon to faster recovery.

Recent research papers validate Firefly as a device to increase blood flow, although the real benefits are visible on diagnostic ultrasound you can actually see the reduction in inflammation first hand as blood goes rushing through your lower extremities. 🦵

Personally I love Firefly. It's convenient. I can use it while hanging with my kids while cooking dinner, even while sleeping. I can literally see it working, I can feel it working- although it's not uncomfortable or painful. Best of all, it makes a huge difference in recovery time and I always notice a major decrease in soreness after using it.

Firefly is a reusable device but has a limited lifetime. It's good for approximately 30 hours of use, then you dispose of it and use a new one. The reason for this is because the sticky gel on the back becomes less effective over time (and you can't swap the battery or recharge it)

Another important usage note is to use the knee strap so you get the most out of every device. If you're purchasing for the first time, get the Starter Kit with the Knee Strap included!

While you may not need the knee strap the first time you use Firefly (as the gel is super sticky), after a few uses, you will want the knee strap to keep the Firefly anchored firmly in place. It also makes it much easier to go walking around and do things while you have the firefly on.

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Saturday, August 15, 2020