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what are ketones and how to use them to improve performance and mental acuity in endurance sports?
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The Secret Tour Coffee

Do you drink coffee in the morning?

Well, we know most of the peloton does at the Tour. What if you could spike your coffee to get the most productive, zen-like focus you have ever experienced? We're talking about amplifying that brew you already love.

I've been doing this for about 6-months using a new Ketone Coffee-additive launching today called deltaGold. When we approached teams of the Tour about this, they jumped at it.

You have heard us talk about Ketones and how the best athletes in the world are now using this wonder molecule for more energy in races and faster recovery afterward (more on the science below). However, these are use-cases that most of us don't encounter.

The ∆Gold Experience

With deltaGold, you can now harness the power of Ketones for focus, productivity, and mental acuity that I can only compare to taking a popular pharmaceutical... that I'll leave nameless.

In my experience, Coffee + Ketones with deltaGold is even better than the pharmaceutical as there are none of the side effects and jitters commonly experienced.

Before we go further on how to use deltaGold, I want to share my personal experience over the last six months:

  • I've been spiking my coffee 3 to 5 days a week and love it; unlike other products where you question if they are working, there is no doubt that Coffee + Ketones works.
  • My wife, who is hardly one to adopt new things quickly, is even more addicted than I am. She uses them daily and loves them. She is constantly asking me to bring more Ketones home from work.
  • I also shared with my father, who is in his late 70s and has suffered a mild stroke, to see how it would help him with focus. He was initially dubious, took them for a few weeks, stopped using them, and then realized that they were working for him and continued using them daily for the past five months.

Here is how to use Coffee & Ketones.

  • Add one teaspoon (4ml to 5ml) of deltaGold to your Coffee each morning and stir.
  • Dark roast is better, ideally, 10oz to 12oz coffee or more.
  • The coffee must be caffeinated as the caffeine increases the effect of deltaGold
  • Not required, but an oat milk creamer tends to also help with the flavor.

Word of caution, do not drink the ketones straight up. They taste terrible on their own. But when you mix it with coffee, it removes most of the ketones' unappealing flavor, hence the dark roast, and make sure you have enough coffee, 10oz or more, to dilute the taste of the ketones thoroughly.

What about Ketosis and Weight loss?

Spiking your coffee with Ketones will put you into Ketosis. You will undoubtedly go above 1mMol of blood ketones levels, and most will likely be at 2mMol or slightly above within an hour of drinking.

This isn't the same as pure dietary Ketosis, as it doesn't mean you will instantly begin to lose weight. However, it does suppress your hunger, making it easier to eat less and have a caloric deficit to lose weight.

deltaGold also helps regulate blood glucose and insulin spikes. So if your normal breakfast caused a big insulin spike, you would notice much less of one when drinking Delta Gold in the morning.

The advantage is that a more minor insulin spike means less sugar is being converted into fat, because insulin is called in for the job.

How about the cost?

This is much less expensive than Ketones for athletic performance or recovery, where you need two or more entire bottles per day. Riders in the Tour de France might use 4+ bottles per day.

With deltaGold, one bottle will last you 6 to 8 cups of coffee, essentailly a week's worth of spiked coffee!

In short, it's not inexpensive at $31 per bottle (3-pack) or $35 for a single bottle. We've got to say, the benefit you will get in focus and metabolic health for $4 to $5 per day is a great ROI, though.

What is the Science?

Ketones are a preferred fuel source for your brain. So when you raise blood Ketone levels, you are supplying more energy for your brain to use. When you combine it with caffeine, it multiplies the effect.

The caffeine up-regulates the brain's energy requirements and the elevated ketones in your blood immediately fulfill these increased energy requirements.

While taking too much caffeine can leave you with an energy crash later or a mild headache afterward, neither will happen when you combine caffeine with deltaGold. The effect naturally fades away after a few hours with no side effects.

Are Ketones safe?

deltaGold is made by TdeltaS, the original creator and patent-holder of the deltaG Ketone Ester from Oxford University. deltaG is FDA GRAS Approved and certified by BSCG to be free of any WADA-banned substances.

The ketone ester used in DeltaGold is also used in deltaH® (used for better sleep) and deltaG® (used for sports performance & recovery).

Are all Ketones the same?

Ketone Esters which is what deltaGold use and (excuse the pun) are the Gold Standard for Ketones with the most scientific studies backing them. There are also Ketone Salts and other Ketone derivatives, but when it comes to spiking your coffee, you want to be using deltaGold as that is the most effective and my experience the only one that will taste good as a coffee additive.

How do I try it?

You can get a 3-pack of DeltaGold and have almost a monthly supply (18 to 24 cups of coffee), or start with one bottle as a test. Both are now available in limited quantities so get after it!

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Thursday, July 21, 2022