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how is maurten sodium bicarb system used for sports performance?
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The New Legal Performance Enhancer

Now and then, the rules change in sports. A new product has been the whisper of pro endurance athletes for the past 12 months, but getting your hands on it was elusive at best.

I'm here to spill the beans on the secret new product the pros have been dying to get ahold of, which the International Olympic Committee (IOC) considers an effective performance enhancer that is 100% legal. To put the demand in perspective, I've had no less than 100 pro athletes email me personally trying to get access to this product ahead of their competition.

I'll be so bold to say that it is so effective that if you are lining up at the start line without it, you will be at a disadvantage this year and into the future. Races are decided in key moments of maximum effort and this exactly where the this product gives you an unfair and advantage.

The secret ingredient is Sodium Bicarb. Yes, what you have at the back of your fridge. The real secret is what the Swedish company Maurten has done with it - made it easy in large quantities without getting sick.

Using bicarb for sports performance is not new, nor is there any question about its efficacy. Bicarb works! The problem is that most athletes end up on the side of the road, sick to their stomachs when they take bicarb the old way. I've had it happen to me and it's not pretty.

Maurten has solved the problem.

Using their Hydrogel technology, they made taking an effective dosage of bicarb (15g to 25g) easy to digest with no stomach upset.

How it Works:

Maurten Bicarb System comes with four dosages and a bowl you use to mix it into a thick soup-like consistency. You then use a spoon to eat it, swallowing mini balls of bicarb encapsulated in a hydrogel. You do this 90 minutes to two hours before your event or workout.

What does it do?

Bicarb acts as a buffering agent. For example, when your muscles produce lots of lactate, you become more acidic, decreasing the pH levels in your cells. The result is a familiar burning sensation that tells you to slow down Sodium bicarb will buffer this change in pH and reduce the burning sensation for period of time.

The Result:

You can go harder for longer before the change in pH forces your body to slow down. However, when it comes to a race or winning, it is 99% of the time how hard you can go at the peak moment that decides the outcome, making this such a potent performance booster.

Is it only for racing?

No. I recommend you use it for training and racing. First, you want to train with it before your race with it, at least twice. But there is a solid argument to use it regularly in your training for your most demanding workouts once or twice a week.

In your training sessions, you will be able to adapt to pushing harder than you ever thought possible, plus pushing these limits will help you make breakthrough improvements in higher sustained power output during your anaerobic efforts.

How much does it cost?

It is not cheap at $16 per serving. But $16 to have the best race of your life is worth it, in my opinion. I recommend you start with one box (4 servings). Use three during hard training sessions and one in a race or simulated race training session.

Which version do I want?

Do a quick quiz here, and based on your body weight and experience using bicarb in the past, it will guide you to the correct version. There are two options:

Athletes 152lbs or less

  • Start with the 15g Dosage
  • Move to the 22g maximum dosage with experience

Athletes 153lbs or more

  • Start with the 19g Dosage
  • Move to the 25g maximum dosage with experience.

Maurten strongly suggests you start with the "starting" dosage for your first four servings to acclimate your stomach and body to bicarb. Then after your first four, you can consider moving to the maximum dosage for your body weight.

Feed your speed (literally) with the Maurten Bicarb System. We have a limited quantity, so if you are interested, get it now as we may not have more until July.

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Friday, May 26, 2023