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How to fuel better and improve carb intake with powerbar?

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PowerBar has been an innovative sports nutrition brand for 30+ years and works with top athletes across various disciplines. Tune in as Eric Zaltas, from PowerBar, shares the history and journey of PowerBar.

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Fueling for Endurance Performance


Founded in 80’s by an elite marathoner and nutritionist couple: Brian and Jennifer Maxwell

Pivot Nutrition: Distributes exclusively the Powerbar Sporting Portfolio

Three Key Principles of Sports Nutrition

Hydration, Fueling, Recovery


  • The Hydration Zone: Losing >2% body weight in a session or event. This can reduce performance.
  • Typical losses vary though, from .5-3lbs/hr
  • Ex: 150lbs, 2% = 3lbs, Best Finish = 147-150lbs
  • Sweat rate* is relative to athlete and is a big component
  • We don’t want to “overdrink” either.

*Sweat Rate : Impacted by Heat, Intensity, Altitude


During training/competition, you burn mostly carbs as fuel…and your carb fuel tank is NOT huge.

  1. Start with a full tank (muscle glycogen)
  2. A session will empty your tank
  3. Topping off before and refueling after improve performance (plan)

How to Fuel

Before: 2-4hrs, 1-4g/kg (70g-280g), low fiber & fat

During: 30-90g/hr carbs (longer > more carbs)

Two Carbs absorbed > One

You can utilize both carb types to increase total carb absorption

GLUT2 (absorbs glucose) and GLUT5 (absorbs fructose)

'During' Products


  • The time between sessions gets you back to normal roughly 95% of the time (rest, daily carbs, and ‘strategic sports nutrition)
  • Take advantage of the post-exercise window
  • Make recovery part of your daily routine
  • Goal is to re-synthesize muscle stores and rebuild muscles faster


  • Carbs - 1g/kg of weight for 4hrs
  • Protein - 20g within the first hour (all you need after) and try to repeat at each meal
  • Re-hydrate
  • Daily carbohydrate maintenance (5-10g/kg of weight)

Recovery Products: Recoverymax

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