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What supplements do I need to take as a vegan or plant based athlete?
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Our Supplement Protocol for Plant-based Athletes

Are you a Vegan or Plant-Based Athlete?

I have an exciting new product for you.

I worked with Brendan Brazier (co-founder of VEGA), a leading expert on plant-based performance nutrition, to create the optimal daily supplement protocol for vegan and vegetarian athletes.

But first, I want to share what Feed Formulas is so you know what we are talking about...

What is a Feed Formula?

We feel that if you take a daily supplement routine and invest the time and money, it better help you. That is why there is no "one pill" strategy that we feel works.

Case-in-point, if you talk to any of the top physicians or human performance coaches we work with, they ALL have their athletes on a curated collection of different supplements. Usually, each supplement is for a particular purpose.

The problem? That is a colossal hassle to have a counter full of pill bottles you have to open and count each morning.

Feed Formulas solve this. You get one daily "pouch" of best-in-class supplements. It's as easy as the "one-pill-a-day" strategy but with the efficacy of highly curated and truly effective supplements.

Now back to Brendan and the Feed Formula he has put together for himself and all Vegan athletes.

Brendan here!

I believe that the best high-performance diet is a plant-based, nutrient-rich, whole food one. But high-quality supplementation makes sense when training volume gets so great that you simply can't consume enough nutrition through food.

Also, supplementation can make a noticeable difference for traveling and just ensuring you've got your bases covered. For this reason, I've put together a Feed Formula for Vegan athletes. It's what I use.


It is next to impossible to find a high-quality, vegan DHA omega-3. After searching for months, we found an algae-based Omega supplement from a brand called "iwi" which met our strict standards for inclusion in Feed Formulas. Their Omega-3 uses a patented ingredient called Almega® PL, which they show delivers 50% better absorption than standard fish oil.

Vegan Multi-Vitamin

With an increased training load, it's not uncommon to have insufficient levels of Vitamin B, D, and Iron. And insufficient Vitamin D is pretty standard for all endurance athletes, regardless of diet.

I've added to the formula the Puori Vegan Multi-Vitamin specifically formulated for plant-based athletes. It has a high dose of B12, B6, and a highly bioavailable plant-based Vitamin D3.

Trace Minerals

Over farming, soil depletion, and therefore low mineral content in our food supply, has become increasingly common. calcium, zinc, and trace minerals are, of course, important for overall health, but are essential for peak athletic performance. SwissRX Multi-Mineral provides a broad spectrum of mineral support to ensure that athletes have enough minerals in their diet for critical enzymatic reactions.

The secret to Feed Formulas is that you are NOT buying generic supplements. I've researched two dozen different supplement options from top vendors to pick just these three high-quality supplements for you.

The best part is the daily pouch you get with Feed Formulas. It makes my everyday routine easy.

One more thing: you can also fully customize my formula to change anything that is in it or add in additional supplements. Each pouch is made specifically for you.

For the first month, Matt and The Feed have agreed to give everyone 40% off their first Vegan Formula.

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Monday, October 3, 2022