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How to heal my gut and solve gut issues with swissrx?

Our Gut Health Protocol for Athletes

Are you plagued with stomach, digestion, or gut issues?

Gut issues are enormously common with endurance athletes due to bouts of dehydration, using energy gels, the heat of indoor training, and the overall stress of daily training.

Our go-to recommendation for athletes is a product called SwissRX Gut Defense. I want to share three inspiring stories from the countless I have received.

First, from Tricia Magnan:

“As a World Cup Ski Racer and 2x Olympian, gut issues were holding me back from training and racing. I always thought I just had a sensitive stomach. After four weeks of Gut Defense, all my issues were gone. I couldn’t believe it”.

Tricia shared her success with her brother Andrew, a member of the National Para-Rowing Team, 2x National P1 Skull Champion, and 10th at the World Championships:

“Ever since my spinal cord injury, I’ve had troubles with my digestion and gut health, but after my sister turned me on to Gut Defense, my issues are gone. The only issue is I don’t ever want to be without it!” - Andrew Magnan.

Finally, from Paige, an avid runner and mother of two:

“I have been taking Gut Defense diligently every night for about ten weeks, and it has absolutely changed my life...My clothes even fit better!...I had been struggling with a leaky gut issue for over a year and now it is gone!”

There are so many reasons people have gut issues. It is impossible to say whether Gut Defense will work for you. What I find interesting is that you will know within a few weeks.

Over 64.3% of Feed Customers, we surveyed that used Gut Defense rated it 5 out of 5, and it was game-changing for their gut issues.

What’s interesting is nobody gave it 2, 3, or 4 stars. The other 35% of people gave it 1 out of 5 stars and said it had no impact. These people have a different gut issue that Gut Defense doesn’t help.

A few quick points:

  • Take one scoop per day (not more).
  • It is a Swiss chocolate flavor. The taste is excellent.

Three ways to make it:

  • Hot Chocolate: mix it with hot water or even hot milk or oat milk for a delicious gut-soothing hot chocolate.
  • Kyoku: Add one scoop to your Kyoku shake.
  • Mocha Coffee: Add a scoop to a cup of black coffee and turn it into a gut-healthy mocha!

If you are REALLY struggling with gut issues:

Try also taking SwissRX Gut Health at the same time. This will work on gut issues like parasites, infections, and harmful gut bacteria.

Additionally, stop taking your probiotic for a month or two using Gut Defense – probiotics often exacerbate gut issues.

How long do you use it?

Start by using it daily or every other day for one month. Then, you can move to using it occasionally. I often will use it two to three times a week.

However, I always take it before and after travel.

Try Gut Defense for a month, and let us know how it works for you!

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Sunday, December 11, 2022