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One of Europe's Most Innovative Sports Nutrition Brands: Enervit

One of the most successful, innovative, and reliable sports nutrition companies (that you may never have heard of) is called Enervit. It’s an Italian-founded company that has impacted nutrition beyond just the sport and performance world. However, their accolades include a long list of champions and medals. Enervit has been a key player in the European sports space and continues to lean into the future of nutrition and fueling.

If you are watching the Tour, you have seen Tadej Pogačar's trademark kick up steep climbs, catching breakaways, and leading the peloton.

You might be wondering what nutrition he is using... the answer is Enervit.

A Brief History

Beginning in 1954, Dr. Paolo Sorbini established Also Laboratori S.a.s. in Milan. They got onto the market in 1971 with the country’s first low-calorie sweetener: Tac.

They expanded into the cycling and endurance sports space through the Giro d’Italia with a “modern mobile laboratory”, the famous Giroclinica.This fully equipped medical and dietary assistance center was there for the competitors during the three-week race with the goal “to explore issues connected to nutrition and hydration in order to help cyclists refuel after cycling”. They used this experience to guide their product developments to be best suited to the needs of athletes.

In 1976, Enervit is created using “the perfect combination of the words energia and vita (‘energy’ and ‘life’)“. This was a bold move because, at the time, sports nutrition was not necessarily a well-supported area. This movement was more in line with Dr. Sorbini’s passions and he grabbed hold of this opportunity to grow Enervit with the intention of supporting proper dieting and supplementation for those in sport.

Inspired by the famous French daily sports paper L’Équipe (which you may know was part of the initiation of le Tour de France), his son Pino suggested they call the group “Equipe Enervit”. This new take on the company was to emphasize their spot and performance-focused …

As they got into the 1980s, the company expanded across the globe with an initiative “to seek, discover and study the lifestyles and eating habits of the populations” as to develop nutritional guidelines, practices, and products in-line with function and health.

From professional cycling and soccer to mountaineering and alpine skiing, Enervit expanded their reach across the sports and endurance spectrum and gained World Cup, Championship, and Tour de France titles.

From 2018 to current, they became an official nutrition partner of the IRONMAN® series, UAE and Trek-Segrefedo World Tour Teams, and a whole host of professional athletes. Their mission continues today with the goal “to help everyone improve the quality of their life”.

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