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How to add collagen to my routine, training with collagen to improve performance.
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Momentous Collagen

  • New Studies show that taking collagen 30 to 60 minutes before training increases absorption in your soft tissue.
  • Momentous has a new Collagen Shot that is like a Gel and easy to slurp down before your workout to hit the optimal timing window.
  • By increasing collagen absorption, the theory is that you can lower the rate of injury when it comes to soft tissue (tendons and ligaments).

Did you know, you have been taking collagen wrong, especially if you are an athlete?

If you are like me, you are likely mixing powdered collagen into your morning smoothie or in a post-workout protein shake. To me, it has been like checking a box - I know it is important for my good looks (hair, skin, and nails) but also for my connective tissues. 

But guess what? New research shows that TIMING is everything when it comes to taking collagen, especially if you are active and over 30 because your body starts to decrease its natural collagen production.

So what should you be doing?

Ideally, taking collagen 30-60 minutes before working out allows for higher absorption and "primes" your body for training. Once collagen is in your system, your body movement while training will propel the collagen into your joints, soft tissues, and even blood cells for maximum benefit. 

Make it easy on yourself:

Momentous has developed the first of its kind collagen shot. It is important to know this is NOT a powder but a great-tasting gel. It is not too thick or too watery and can be taken without water, making it super convenient for you. I have a box that I keep in my sports bag and take before working out to protect my knees, tendons and ligaments. 

Here is what I love the most:

• Each shot has 10g of collagen plus 35mg of Vitamin C for increased absorption in the body.

• Based on the latest research (check out Dr. Keith Baar findings from UC Davis Health School of Medicine), you can increase your collagen uptake by 200% by taking PRIOR to working out.

• Benefits your connective tissues, ligaments, tendons, any cartilage damage and helps bone loss.

• These gels  are rigorously tested – every batch is NSF Certified and Informed Sport Certified for product purity (this is the same 3rd-party testing standard relied upon by pro athletes).

• The taste is great!

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Monday, February 14, 2022