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What is the best energy bar(maurten) for training, racing, fueling workouts as endurance athletes?
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Maurten SOLID

Maurten is out with their first-ever bar called SOLID. It's changing the game for fueling, but just don't call it a bar.

SOLID reinvents bars by removing everything but the essentials. The result is a performance-focused oat-and-rice-based chewable. It may look like a bar, feel like a bar, and taste like a bar — but is it really a bar?

Maurten said one thing that struck me in explaining the creation of SOLID, "The majority of 'energy' bars are made to have snack-appeal. SOLID, on the other hand, is built for fueling performance. They are worlds apart — one is aimed at the top supermarket shelf, the other at the top of the podium."

What does it taste like?

The taste of SOLID is, well, solid! It's a great tasting, easily digestible chewable that holds true to Maurten's standard.

There are two flavors: BASIC –which is a basic oat bar flavor that is pleasantly sweet but purposely plain tasting. The other is C: which stands for cocoa and offers a tasty alternative to mix things up.

I've tried both flavors and both are really, actually good. They are what you want to eat during your workout as they're easy to chew but not crumbly. I also found them very easy to swallow in the middle of strenuous efforts.

What makes this "bar" so exciting?

SOLID has 44g of carbs and makes it perfect for the high-carb fueling strategies of today's performance athletes. With Athletes now pushing over 100g of carbs per hour, you can now replace at least two of those gels per hour with one Maurten Solid Bar.

Put another way: I predict that many athletes struggling to get to 80g of carbs per hour will find they are now easily able to get to 100g to 120g with practice by adding the Maurten SOLID to their fueling plan.

For example, in one hour, if you were to consume:

1x Maurten Solid (44g)

1x Maurten CAF Gel (25g)

1x Bottle of Maurten Drink 160 (40g)

With SOLID you are now at over 100g of carbs per hour without even breaking a sweat.

How else to use SOLID:

Use Maurten Solid the night before a big event. Being easily digestible overnight, it will keep you full but also make sure your glycogen stores are fully topped up pre-big workout or race.

Use Maurten Solid as part of your post-workout refueling plan to curb hunger attacks and rebuild your glycogen stores quickly.

Back to the taste, SOLID offers an excellent level of sweetness. Don't be fooled into thinking that Maurten just sugar-loaded SOLID to achieve this. The carbohydrates and sweetness come from a variety of sources — sugar, oats, and rice.

The best part...

Sometimes as an athlete, you want to put something, well, solid, in your stomach during long events to soak up those Gels and Chews. This is where SOLID is maybe the perfect fuel for those that don't like Gels, but want to balance how how many Gels they use.

In speaking with the Director of a World Tour Team, we discussed how in the first 3 hours of a Tour de France Stage SOLID will be the ideal fuel to let the riders delay their Gel in take later into the stage.

SOLID is only available in limited quantities for the time being, so if you want to try it, order soon while it is in stock.

Not Sold on SOLID yet?

The best part of The Feed is that you can always buy single servings. That means you can buy just a couple of SOLIDs in Basic and C flavors and try them out before you commit to a whole box.

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