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Triathlete and Ironman Champion, Lionel Sanders, joins The Feed High-Performance Team.
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Lionel Sanders Joins The Feed HPT

I'm thrilled to share that Lionel Sanders has joined us at The Feed as a member of our High-Performance Team!

Lionel needs no introduction to our triathlon crowd. For others, you must check out his YouTube channel for what, in my opinion, is the most personal, raw, unfiltered view of the human suffering it takes to be a world champion. He’s committed to exploring the limits of his physical and mental abilities.

Lionel has accumulated 1 World Champion Title, 4 Ironman Wins, and 31 Half Ironman Wins.

Born in Windsor, Onatrio, Canada, Sanders came to triathlon after his first IRONMAN at Louisville in 2010, where he finished in a time of 10:14:31. That performance piqued both his interest and that of others in the sport.

Since then, as the 2017 ITU Long Distance World Champion and IRONMAN World Championship silver medalist, Lionel has embodied the slogan “No Limits”.

But more than the records is the man and the inspiration he brings me (and I hope) all of our Feed Athletes. Lionel is both an exemplary athlete and ambassador of the elite performance world. His accomplishments speak for themselves, but his willingness to share his knowledge, life, and experience with the world sets him apart.

Through this partnership, Lionel will be testing and using a wide variety of products from many different brands at The Feed. We’re proud to be his exclusive nutrition provider in addition to supplying access to an extensive range of products and resources.

Interested in what one of the best athletes in the world uses? Here are some of Lionel's current favorites that he's testing and using right now. We will keep you up to date as he tries new out new products.

If you want to try the same items, check them out below:

Lionel's Gels:

Endurance Tap (+ free usable flask)

Maurten Gel 100

Lionel's Drinks:

Skratch Lemon Lime

Maurten 320 Drink Mix

Lionel's Recovery:

Momentous Grass Fed Whey Protein

Skratch Horchata Recovery Drink

Lionel's Supplements:

SwissRX Probiotic

Lionel's Food:

Maurten Solid C 225 (see deal below)

Welcome, Lionel! I'm thrilled to have you on the Team!

Avatar Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson / Thursday, February 23, 2023