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How to train as a professional triathlete?
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HPT Athlete Interview: Angela Naeth

As a professional triathlete, how do you manage the variety of training you have to do each week?

My week-in and week-out are very consistent. It’s usually a recovery day on Monday, a combination of swim-bike-run through the week, and then another recovery day on the weekend.

With a lot of coffee, I swim five days a week and do a mid-week long ride and long run. With the intro of gravel racing into my season, I like getting to mix and match the riding.

How has the addition of the LTGP impacted your experience this year?

It has opened my eyes. I did my first gravel two years ago at Unbound and it opened my eyes to this. I’ve been a longtime IRONMAN triathlete for over a decade, and this totally different realm has actually been really motivating. Every chance I have, I get on my mountain or gravel bike.

You have a podcast (iracelikeagirl), what do you enjoy about being able to host?

My friend (Amy) and I started it in January and have done one every week. I enjoy being able to talk amongst ourselves and bring that to the public. Our backgrounds are able to provide information and showcase experiences to others. We love being able to connect female athletes and our teams as well – it's a multi-faceted avenue to share experiences.

What are the highlights of your year?

I’ve done three IRONMANs this year and being able to stay healthy and get good results has been a highlight. Also, mixing in the LTGP has made it such an interesting year for me, the true highlight is being able to do it all. Additionally, the Leadville 100 was an amazing race and I’m eager to get back there.

What's your fueling philosophy?

I keep all my activities the same (with regard to fueling strategy) and my aim is consistency and simplicity. I shape my strategy around carbs, sodium, and fluids for events; I enjoy getting to mix and match [my fuel] in training but not so much in racing.

I use a lot of Powerbar products!

Angela’s Favorite Products:

Powerbar gels

Ketones (HVMN)

Multitude and variety of bars!

Are you interested in Angela’s programs? She wants to let you know that their membership registration is open on iracelikeagirl.com.

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